Let’s be Inspired by Oprah Winfrey – On International Women’s Day

I came across this you-tube video  a few weeks ago. The youtuber (Evan Carmichael)  has compiled these 10 rules that he feels are Oprah rules for her success.   Well, I don’t know what Oprah would say, if she agrees, that  these are her 10 rules for success.    Nevertheless,  this is a good summary of very inspiring points that Oprah has made on different occasions.

I hope this video on Oprah inspires you.

This is my contribution to Inter-national Women’s Day,  as inspiration.

 It is not my video so credit to Evan CarMichael the creator.

Be inspired, be great, be yourself, be motivated, be your friend, make it happen.  Share your success, and enjoy others success as much as yours.  Be loving and kind, and aspire, and never stop learning and moving forward – even when you are old and grey!

Happy International Women’s Day.

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I would love to know which of the 10 points, stirs your heart, to move and makes you want to  get up and make it happen?  Do comment below.   I love them  all, and I can see myself listening to this over and over again and making notes.

Have great day.

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  1. I do believe she was the only talkshow that was worthwhile at the time. I’m now enjoying her Super Soul Sunday interviews. It’s extremely inspiring to hear people’s life stories. Feeds my soul. Please read my stories for more inspiration on family values. Singlemomof7.com

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  2. This video was so inspiring and motivation. I learned things I didn’t know about her. I was also able to take much from the lessons she has learned and advice she would give her younger self! Thank you for sharing this video, as it was empowering & offered great tips to success 🙂

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