Happiness through Gratitude- Journal

Happiness through Gratitude.

These are a few things I am grateful for today.  If you make a daily habit of writing five or more things to be grateful for you will find your self being happier more often.  Old school pen and paper is the best way of keeping a gratitude Journal.

Gratitude makes you humble.  If you have low self esteem issues it allows you to see your beauty and remain humble.  It is a private practise that enhances your life everyday.

My Gratitude list.

The bodies ability to heal.

Google ..a library at your finger tips.  You can findout anything any time.

Courage to stand up when I need to.

WordPress for creating and developing a easy to use blogging platform.

A bed, hot water, roof , food, ability to earn money and ability to cook.

The ability to read, to learn and grow.

Good friends and family. A few not many but enough.  Good neighbours.

The ability to get on with stuff even when I rather not.


Thank you for stopping by.  Please share your thoughts on gratitude,  or something you are grateful in the comments below.  Is it a daily practise of yours or are you going to start?  I hope this has inspired you to start.

Other posts on gratitude here:   https://thoughtsnlifeblog.com/2016/08/14/gratitude-and-gratefulness-habit/

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