Daily Intention – Self Discipline

Daily and weekly intentions allow you to focus and allow you to develop mindfulness in your life. They allow you to improve an aspect or quality of your character in a positive way. Allowing you to let go of wasteful negative actions by simply adopting positive actions or positive character traits. Have a great week.


Setting an Intention for the day or even for the week.

When we set an intention for the day, we create a positive focus for the day. We have an aim of how we want our mindset to be, where we want our thoughts to be directed and we create a new habit.   Our automatic pilot – well, most of us have an automatic pilot that is set to negative in some way.  Setting a daily or weekly intention helps break the automatic negative response to a positive and beautiful way of living.

Today,  I would like to suggest “self discipline” as today’s intention.  Actually, we can practice Self Discipline for the entire week?

Let us explore what self -discipline is?

It means getting yourself to do what is important, what is necessary, and what needs to be done.  Rather than being a leaf on a tree…

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