Forgiveness -Why Forgive?

Source: Forgiveness -Why Forgive?

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  1. Dear friend,

    The holy people tell us: Forgive and forget – if we cannot forgive how can forgive our Father then – It is easier not to forgive but a noble way to forgive. And as we have same mistakes in us – it would mean: we do not forgive ourselves…

    Thanks for sharing, dear friend

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      • Dear friend,

        The problem with karma is that bad actions will return as bad reactions and good actions return as good reactions. So how to come out of this circle of coming and going, of becoming and being? – I wrote some time ago that we are not the doers – the shadow thinks that it is moving but it is the light that moves the shadow – there are 4 types of karmas whereas – three karmas are binding us into the world: Sanchit-karma (storage karma that has not yet got fruits), Pralabdh-Karma (which is taken from the huge Storage Karma and defines and makes your life ( with all its pay-back and got-back events, as your fate and destination, although there is your free will included allowing some limited freedom therein) – Kriyaman-Karma is a kind of Karma that reflects our actions (in word, thoughts and deeds) in daily processes. However, there is one Karma called: Neh-Karma this is the way out of the wheel of riping and sowing (migration of death and life) – it means you are no longer the doer, but it does not release you from responsibilty – it is a conscious way to become a tool of God. When our vessel (our ego and mind) becomes empty, then He can fill it with His Will – in this case He becomes responsible and we no longer are the doer, we no longer create any Karma (be it good or bad…)

        Sorry for this long comment.

        If you are interested in reading more details about it then I would like to refer you to this link:

        Sant Kirpal Singh, my Master, has even written a book about it – if you are interested in it, I would provide you the book (pdf-link) about Karma.

        All good wishes

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