Slowing Down Almost a Mini Break

Slowing Down Almost a Mini Break

For many months I have wanted to take a blogging break.

But,  I am hooked, addicted.

But,  one thinks one must just take sometime out.  Not sure how long.

With the car accident.  Then vomiting bug -which I passed to mum.  Which is the worst thing I could have done.  Those that knows mum health story will get this.   She is so weak now.

Anyway,  I planning to take a blogging break not sure for how long.  Now,  with me being additicted to blogging I will post, reblog, or reshare something , from time to time.  I will be quiet. on the reading and commenting on your blogs during this time. But,  again I am sure I will still read and comment.

It is just a break,  I need to slow down and just need some space. May be a month or two.     But… I am sure I won’t be completely quiet..🤔😇🤗😏😉

Speak soon.

Regards Bella



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  1. Interesting you should be considering slowing down as I too have been considering the same thing and I only post once a week. But then I also post once a week on a retirement site as well and then there are my daily FB quips on my page and the retirement group’s page.
    I need to slow down and rethink exactly what it is I have to say and when I come back – come back strong with both purpose and conviction.
    So enjoy your break and when I figure out what my purpose is re my blog, I hope to come back stronger than ever.
    Hope your mum feels better soon.

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  2. It’s necessary to take a break sometimes, Bella. You will come back refreshed and ready to tackle it with renewed vigor! I am currently taking a break also, due to a heavy work schedule and various other things going on. I will also be going on vacation — but I intend to think about my blog while lounging by the swimming pool. Lol!

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