Changing Our Automatic Thoughts


Changing Our Automatic Thoughts

Changing our automatic thoughts allows us to change our life.

As we break the habit of negative thinking, we create a new habit of thinking positively.  By stopping waste thoughts and realigning unhelpful thoughts, we increase our ability to think positively and be positive.  As we gain small successes in managing our thoughts, we increase our ability to not get hurt/disturbed/distracted in the first place.   Therefore, our recovery time from a difficult situation is reduced.  This leads to a more peaceful me.

Breaking Those Automatic Thinking Habits

Thinking negatively is an automatic pilot that is stuck on an automatic and just won’t stop being stuck.  We have to deliberately override it and become aware of how often we think wasteful, useless and negative thoughts.


Catch Those Negative Thinking Habits

The simplest way of stopping negative thoughts is to catch yourself doing/thinking them.  Keep a notebook with you and each time you have a negative thought or reaction write it down.  This exercise allows you become more aware of how often you think negatively.  Then, on a quiet day take a few minutes and look at your notebook, and see how you can change that negative thought, feeling, reaction into something positive.

Changing Negative into Positive.  Creating New Habits

For example:  The negative automatic thought/feeling  is  : “ he is always like this, I don’t like him” 

The alternative, new  thought is:   you could say “ I accept him as this.  I know I can’t change another, I can only change me.  Therefore, I accept him as he is and I choose to be calm around him all the time, no matter what.   I listen without judgement, and I hear what he has to say. I hear his words and I choose to be wise and remain calm.  I know it will be fine.  I am calm and peaceful, it doesn’t matter who is wrong or right, my internal peace matters”.


The above exercise truly works.  If you couple this with Meditation, Journaling, Gratitude , affirmations and trying to forgive, you will be incredibly successful and peace will reign once again.

Success is only possible if I try to better myself and when I am prepared to see my own faults.   I can only change myself I cannot change another.

A life of hardship will make us wise and mature if we want it to!  As we change it is a wonderful feeling.

When diamonds are mined, they initially come out with rough edges and it is only when they are polished do they then shine.  Becoming a shining diamond with the lessons of life, they only make us better.

It is possible to change our thinking and reduce the speed of our thoughts.

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May you be blessed with happiness always.

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