Be Inspired by Maya Angelou

Be Inspired by Maya Angelou.   By Evan Carmichael

Here I am again with a you tube video, sharing what has inspied me lately.  I love the video and credit to the author and producer-Evan Carmicheal.  I love it all and reasonate with it all.  Especially point number one, I totally reasonate with it.

Comment below what reasonates with you.


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23 thoughts on “Be Inspired by Maya Angelou

  1. I resonate with Maya’s special picture with the one vacant chair. But in her mind’s eye and mine, seated in this chair is the one person who you see, hear, and feel, walking with you, talking with you, and stroking your heart throughout your life. You can always go to them when you need answers. Although now only in spirit, they are there when you need a helping hand, a wise voice in your ear, and a unconditional smile with red hearts. Because of them, you need never feel alone. Brilliant!

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  2. What an inspiration she is. I love what she said about courage and taking people with us when we enter difficult situations. I’ll try and remember that one Bella. Thanks for this. xo

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