Do Forget to Recharge Your Mobile Phone! But, Don’t forget to Recharge Yourself – With Meditation

Would you ever, ever forget to recharge your mobile phone for one single day?

Do you think eating, exercising and sleeping is all that you need to recharge yourself?

What does mindfulness mean to you?

What does meditation mean to you?


Would you every forget to recharge your mobile phone?

The answer is NO you would never forget to recharge your mobile phone, would you?  I mean,  how would we survive?  How ? Honestly?

So, if we daren’t forget to recharge our phone with electricity, then why do we dare to forget to recharge our Soul with Meditation?   When you meditate, you calm your mind down, the thought process slows down, healing takes place, you become more tolerant and peaceful.  You are able to see clearly and understand things.   Life becomes life, rather keeping up with the Jone’s, materialistic and superficial.

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Our thoughts make us happy or sad – our thoughts are in our hands, our life is a selection of choices. No one owes you anything- go out and make it happen.

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39 thoughts on “Do Forget to Recharge Your Mobile Phone! But, Don’t forget to Recharge Yourself – With Meditation

  1. This is beautiful, timely and perfect for me Bella. This time I need to follow through and do it. I need some peace in my head, too many worries overloading so hopefully this time I can do more of your fabulous meditations. Thank you. x

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    1. Oh that’s great . I cant take credit for the meditations. I am only posting weekly and i think every tuesday..then the rest is upto the reader.. i hope it all works out. Do you journal … you must it is a great way of emptying yur head… i do … and it helps. Speak soon..

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      1. I do journal, usually before I just go to bed. But I need to meditate too, I always seem to run out of time but I guess I just have to make time don’t I?

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      2. Wonderful.. that meditation is very powerful. I am glad it was great. I have selected some different ones for next two weeks. On the hunt for some more..may repeat this one as it is so great.. happy for you.

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      3. absolutely repeat this one for a week or forever. And try the other ones I share for the following week. or keep repeating this for as long as .. I am sharing a few, as I know that is it worth have a few different meditation commentaries to jazz it up otherwise …

        so until next tuesday enjoy meditating daily
        regards bella

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