Daily Intention – Accepting

Setting an Intention for the day or even for the week.

Setting an intention for the day allows us to create a positive focus for the day.

We become those who are directors of the mind, rather than being subservient to an automatic negative reaction.

When we have an intention for the day we have a  focus that steers the ship of our thoughts, our actions and feelings.  

We are able to change the direction of our thoughts when we start to move away from our intention.   Without a daily intention, it is as if we have played bumper cars with everyone and everything the whole day.  Then, we get home and crash.

An intention allows us to respond rather than react.   Practising a daily intention allows us to create a positive new habit. 

Today, I choose  “Accepting, Acceptance, Accept” as the Virtue, Value, or Character trait to practise as the daily/weekly intention.  

I am accepting of myself, and others.

I am accepting of difficult situations, I trust that I can manage and that the higher power is by my side.

I accept that all have their opinions and that is okay.

I accept we may not always agree and that is okay.

I accept I may have to hear a stern word but that is okay.

I accept my life as it stands.      I accept I am doing my best at this given time.

I accept everyone, as we are all children of the one God.

I am accepting of myself as learn and grow and become better.  I understand this is a process and not a destination, for one will always grow and learn if one wants to.


There are many things to be accepting of in our life, it would be lovely to hear your comments below on acceptance.

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29 replies

  1. So true and beautiful portrayed in words the significance of acceptance. The day we understand the meaning of this word the life will become easy and a new world of hope, love and compassion to live in. Less pointing on others what they have done wrong but instead giving a chance to an individual to grow in a positive direction.

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  2. I so needed to be reminded of this. After a few difficult days, Acceptance is the only way to get back into balance. I intend to re read this post and link back to it on my next post. Thanks for posting

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  3. If I have to relate acceptance and setting an intention, I would say accepting things as they come, helps us to focus more on our intentions. Or we would simply be wasting our time and efforts into changing things that do not really help in our goals. Right?

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