Effective Time Management Tips

The work week starts ..a few tips /reminders to assist in a good work week.


Source: Effective Time Management Tips

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  1. what is your favorite time management book? There are so many out there to choose from but most people have 1 or 2 that they can really appreciate. I personally love all of the work by Randy Pausch who was such an incredible man before he tragically passed away.

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    • Hi there, thank you for visiting my blog, reading and commenting, I really appreciate it. My favourite time management book – hum! ? Many years ago when I was at university and interning and then starting to work I read a book call Working Smart – Michael Leboeuf PHd. I have not read any other time management book since then. He covers more than time management. From this book I got to understand 80/20 rules. The rest of what I have learnt on time management is course at work and may be a bit of googling. However, the majority of my time management understanding , is through my own life and my learnings and mistakes. Or rather my laziness and procrastination. I am extremely organised person at work and at times at home. But at home I can be a bit rubbish. However, because of the work I do – that is implementing business system I tend to be organised because of that.

      To conclude my best two resources to reignite any laziness or procrastination in the sphere of time management would be
      1) Working Smart by Michael LeBoeuf PH.D. 1993
      2) The Procrastinators Handbook Rita Emmett – CD

      I hope this helps, sorry for the rambling
      regards Bella


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