Affirmations -All Is Well

Affirmations  – All Is Well.

Affirmations help to manifest positivity into our lives and help us out negative feelings and moments when life seems too hard.  Time heals and no difficult can bring you down when you affirm daily.  Life becomes beautiful in the hardest of times.  So,  I would like to share this affirmation with you.

I am at the right place at this moment in time. All is accurate and my life is on the right path. God is directing my life and I am listening to his directions. I trust him and myself. I am at the right place at this moment in time..


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  1. Thank you for sharing, positive affirmations are a useful tool to combat the negativity that creeps in from time to time. All is well, All is well.

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    • Yes Divine guidance comes in many forms. I think i mentioned our car accident with a truck i take that as divine guidance or something i need to change in myself..

      God takes care of in his ways and i find meditating everyday helps. Btw i am posting meditation commentaries on tuesday..its week 3 tomortow incase u wanna to listen too week 1 and 2… actually i need to find some more to post..

      Have a beautiful day and week


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