Quotes #17, 2017

Dear Friends and Quote Lovers,

It is the weekend, not stating the obvious – huh!  What are your plans this weekend?

I started early today, with a visit to the charity shop to do a declutter of stuff.  I have been decluttering for years and years, and probably for years to come.  I think laziness and procrastination comes in when it comes to clutter, and clearing clutter.  I even tried a chi cleaning thing, but my procrastination on certain aspects of my life is just way too strong.  However, it was a good feeling to  get rid of what I term the easy stuff.  I need to tackle some clothes, which I am just not looking forward to doing because I got to try them on and see if they fit, or may be I can get to the gym and fit into them, or am I just kidding myself.     I think I have to do the Marie Kondo thing  and “ask does this spark joy”  (btw , I haven’t read the book).

I made a fresh juice today and yesterday for mum and me.  I have been to the gym three times this week – including that fact I am going today.  I had to take some holiday before I loose the days, that’s why I was able to do all this.

So, let me stop rambling here are this weeks selection of quotes.  As always, comment below which one is your favourite, if there any at all?

Have a great weekend, and see you on Tuesday with a Meditation commentary.  Not sure if any of you have noticed  but my Blogging schedule is having a bit of blip, because I am in a bit of blip.    I am thinking of making a Tuesday a Meditation Commentary/ inner working/ soul searching day where I post from You Tube ,  Saturday remains quote day, and may be Wednesday/Thursday is when I write something original.   As I said I am having a blip so it may be random for sometime.  Or it might be a random blogging schedule for sometime.    Let see.   Speak soon.  Enjoy.  Let me know which quotes you like.



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23 replies

  1. The Dalai Lama’s quote stood out for me, it summed up some of my thoughts this week. There might be a chance for a promotion and I was trying to talk my self out of it until a co-worker said “you would be good at it, doesn’t hurt to try.” After internalizing what they said, I really began to change my mind set and confidence level to go ahead and apply!

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  2. I’ve read two of Marie Kondo’s books and have used some of her methods. I love the clothes folding — it really makes things look neat and it’s so much easier to find a piece of clothing! I think her advice about testing each object to see if it “sparks joy” is so helpful. I have been slowly decluttering over the last few years, and am now embarking on a stepped-up decluttering campaign, as we might be making a major interstate move within a couple of years. Love the quotes, as always!

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    • Dear Gloria, I was thinking of you at the weekend as i han’t heard from you and was wishing you well. I also want to step up the declutter and i want to really stop and think before i buy something do i really love it. Decluttering is helping me better in what i dont buy and i love having less stuff.

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      • How sweet of you to wonder about me and wish me well! 🙂 I was away on vacation and then just felt somewhat overwhelmed getting back into “real life.” I must get back into my blogging soon, too. I am catching up on reading other people’s posts, including yours!

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      • Gloria, Hope u had a good holiday , i had a thought may be u are on hols. Well real life is always going to be there..baby step it and you will back in no time. Regards bella


  3. The quote by Marcus Aurelius, spoke to me, a reminder to me perhaps to keep clearer thoughts while going through some things. I’m so sorry I haven’t been around recently, I’ve wrapped things up with the other blog, almost, but a lot of things have been happening this week which are very stressful and perhaps that’s why that quote as well as another spoke to me.
    I love your ‘ramblings’ though I wouldn’t call them that as it’s wonderful to hear personal things no matter what they are, it’s your personality shining through your blog 🙂 <3. I struggle to declutter, I find myself attached to lots of things and am a bit of a collector. when it comes to clothes I’ll admit I don’t enjoy dealing with old clothes either but I did hear someone once say that the best way to deal with decluttering is to keep things you are attached to or have used in the last few months/year (I’m not sure if it’s a year or more) and if there’s no attachment or you don’t use something you can and should get rid of it.
    The funny thing about me and clothes is that I never seem to fit into smaller clothes until I get rid of my larger ones. I used to be quite heavy though now my weight is considered healthy, I’d still like to be a little fitter, not thinner but fitter – difficult to understand but I don’t think skinny is attractive, but I do enjoy being physically fit, something I’ve lost a little the past few years. I never lost any weight though until I got rid of the larger clothes. It’s a random and odd observation and I just realised I myself have rambled on too much for no good reason.
    I hope you have a wonderful week and I look forward to reading your posts whenever you post them, I don’t mind random schedules, most blogs I follow randomly post 🙂

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      • Hi Bella I write books for children. My son and I have written a series called Sir Chocolate and we have published three so far. I illustrate them with my cake, biscuit and fondant creations. I am launching the first book in a new series in July called Silly Willy goes to Cape Town. You can find out about my books on the Sir Chocolate pages on my blog. Have a lovely weekend.

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