Affirmation -I Am Strong, Humble and Peaceful

Affirmation -I am Strong, Humble and Peaceful

I am strong and humble. I am confident and wise. I am assertive and humble. I know to listen to my voice and others, but,  I also know when anothers thoughts aren’t in line with what I wish to represent. I am calm, confident, peaceful and whole.  I am good enough, wise enough and strong enough.  I can do this.  Life is great and I am learning and growing each day and in this self learning I am successful and content.  I am a soul a point of light , a power house of peace and positivity.  I know that I have in me a deep well of resilience, strenght, contentment, tolerance, humility, peace and light.  I am a beautiful soul and I know I am loved by God and he walks with me everyday. I am strong.  I am peaceful and powerful in my positivity.  Life is good.  My peaceful nature allows me to stay peaceful in a storm and send light and peace to myself and the world.  With God guidance I am peace and I share Peace even when thing are tough.  I am a being of peace and in peace I am strong and content.

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So there was no plan to blog today, but in reading and commenting on a bloggers post, part of this affirmation came to me as my comment on their post.  Which I post here and  expanded in my blog.   Hope you like.  Affirmations work when repeated.  Have a lovely day

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38 thoughts on “Affirmation -I Am Strong, Humble and Peaceful

  1. So true and self motivated post. I am complete in myself but yes there is always the scope for learning and improvement. I am humble and down to earth but no one can pop into my life and take advantage of my simplicity !! Perfect article

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  2. I think one can take a print out of this Post and by heart. It shall really do good and shall workout.
    I could know from where you came and got inspired to write it.
    Very Good I am impressed Bella.

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    1. Dear Shiva , Thank you for your kind words. I am always writing affirmations for myself daily and repeating them. This particular one just came to me as i was commenting on a blog post by another , i only commented the first few sentences .. then i decided that this is a good affirmation to share on my blog and i expanded it on my blog. So it was randomly inspired and inspired because i write affirmations daily. I get a flash of inspiration from somewhere. Thank you for your kind words and appreciation. Regards Bella

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      1. This is one more Good Quality I liked in YOU.
        I think it is a very good habit to cultivate.
        Inspiration can come from anywhere, the most important thing is you write it down on a daily basis.
        Bella! Once they turn in to be words it can be anything, an article, a novel, a poem or a prose.
        I am happy having to have had this discussion with you Dear Bella.😃

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    2. Also Shiva, i follow raja yoga meditation daily and we have daily positive classes that remind us we are peaceful pure souls and children of God.. so automatically that flows in my words and thoughts.

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      1. That’s so Good. But do not stop. We tend to stop somewhere and that hinders the growth.
        Hope you have an able Guru.
        But Raja Yoga is not the ultimate….
        When you are in the path it is bound that one reflects and out shines too.
        Wishing YOU a great Life ahead.😃

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        1. Bella that should be the thing.
          ” I go with what my heart and mind are clear on”
          This is what our scriptures say too. Until you are convinced of its truth, do not take it for granted.
          The free mind has to be free to agree.
          No matter even if God comes and says this is the truth and your free will does not get convinced, do not believe.
          If you are an avid reader, I feel you read some of my older posts. You can choose from the Menus.
          That could bring further lively discussions. 😃

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