Meditation Commentary #4 -2017, Lightness

Dear Friends,

For those who are landing on this post for the first time,  I  will be sharing a meditation commentary every Tuesday for you to practise daily at least once a day or twice if you can find the time.  Every Tuesday a new meditation commentary will be shared for that week.  Right now I am not sure how long this series will run for.

You can always revisit the old post, just use the search box on my blog and you should find them.

This is this weeks Meditation

All the meditation I share  as part of this Tuesday series, have been created  by students studying Raja Yoga Meditation taught by the Brahma Kumaris.

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Our thoughts make us happy or sad – our thoughts are in our hands, our life is a selection of choices. No one owes you anything- go out and make it happen.

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13 replies

    • Excellent i am so glad, that was the idea. Also i have shared more on my blog just search for meditation . Additionally i have meditation and a songs page on my blog that you can visit may be something you might enjoy.


    • Brigid thank you, i better get next week sorted asap.. i think after a while i might end up repeating but i think that should be okay. Also plan to add in talks that help with inner work. Do you listen and practise these meditations during the week too or just when i post -just curious to know?
      We went to a fantastic talk on spirituality in hospitals it was so nice. Feel so charged from it , it was good . Speak soon . Regards bella

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