Welcome to my songs page which i set up quite early on of my blog in 2016.    These songs are spiritual, relaxing and something you can meditate to.    Let me know which song you enjoy and if at all you where able to meditate with them.   Source: Songs


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  1. Wow, all three songs are such lovely songs to listen to. I haven’t tried meditating to them yet, I’ve only just listened to them but I really love A Hundred Thousand Angels, though all of them are good and I love the uplifting beat in Om Shanti. I was actually feeling a bit down when I clicked on your post and just listening to the songs while doing a few mundane tasks has really lifted my spirits, I’m actually feeling both relaxed and happy 🙂 ❤ I’ll be visiting your songs page frequently 🙂 Will you be adding more in the future?

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