How To Drive Yourself Mad and Get Depressed All By Your Own Self


Note:   When I say Depressed I am not talking about those with serious mental issues, this post is for the average person.

WHAT WE negatively  DO REPEATEDLY MAKES US MAD AND DEPRESSED.  AND heres a list of the things we do to ourself:-

  1. Think of those who have hurt you and what they said time and time again. Even though they hurt you 3 years ago, the words still echo in your mind or you bring them up again and again, or each time you see them.   They said it and moved on, but you are stuck.   The needle of your record is stuck…stuck…stuck..  Question:  Does this make you happy ?  So then why do you do it?
  2. Oh I am not good enough, oh take pity on me, oh help me.  Oh poor me.  Question:  Does this make you happy ?  So then why do you do it?
  3. I will do it tomorrow!! Let procrastination and a laziness be a way of life. Let the paper work pile up, etc.  Then a small subtle burden of guilt and irritation follow and stress takes over and you get angry with everyone in sight.  Question:  Does this make you happy ?  So then why do you do it?IMG_20170523_065735_215
  4. Emotional eating. Question:  Does this make you happy ?  So then why do you do it?
  5. Watching rubbish on TV or youtube or ! Wasting your time!  Question:  Does this make you happy ?  So then why do you do it?
  6. Getting over whelmed and falling into inaction. Question:  Does this make you happy ?  So then why do you do it?
  7. Being lazy about eating well, exercising. Question:  Does this make you happy ?  So then why do you do it?
  8. Being lazy about watching what you think and how positive you are. Question:  Does this make you happy ?  So then why do you do it?
  9. Oh I can’t be bother to journal, meditate, be grateful, do the things I need to. Slowly the house becomes a mess, the  mind becomes a mess, the garden, the car, your entire life.  Oh poor me.   Question:  Does this make you happy ?  So then why do you do it?
  10. We make mistakes, and our ego stops us from doing the right thing. Ego, arrogance on your part makes things worse.


  1. You can NOT change anyone but yourself.
  2. You can choose to be lazy and do nothing, or get your backside into gear.
  3. The world doesn’t owe you anything, nor does your family. But, you owe you.  You are the one in charge of your life no one else.  You are ruler of your thoughts and actions.  You choose to do or not do.
  4. Tomorrow never comes. Do what you need to do today or forget it.
  5. Not everyone will like you and some people will be mean – so what! You are not defined by them are you? Be your own coach, you cheer-leading squad.  Never harden your heart so much with behaviour of others, for you lose that beauty that is you.   Let it go – I know it is hard.   But losing yourself is worse!
  6. You own your life. Be the masters of your life and not the slave.  Drive yourself into tenth gear and kick ass!  We can do so much if we put out mind to it….from-dalyan-1392070-640x480
  7. We are all unique. Stop comparing and trying to be like others. Please just be yourself and shine bright as you and no-one else.   Be you, be nice, be kind, be humble, be courageous, but be you.
  8. Forgive, let go and move on. This will take a lot of time to heal the pain.   If you don’t then ill health will follow of some sort.  Repeat this daily using pen and paper and throw away the scribbles.Featured Image -- 8820
  9. Humility is cold water that puts out a burning fire.  Meaning, if someone is having ago at you and they are close to you, then just listen and stay quite.  Inside you are saying you are a powerful peaceful soul and share peace with
  10. Meditation every day will heal you and you won’t even know it, until one day when a test comes and you will see your reaction is way better than in the past.
  11. Affirmations, gratitude and positive reading and practise – again daily overtime you will be build, so much strength that when a problem comes you’ll react better than ever.
  12. You will have off days – but they won’t last unless you make them last.
  13. Be your own friend and stop sabotaging your life by your habits, and negative ways.
  14. Don’t walk alone – Walk in God company and be good to all
  15. No matter how much someone hurts you , you have NO RIGHT to hurt then back even in thought – Karma does exist , just like gravity exist – just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.
  16. Live a characterful life, a unique life, and stop begging for love and acceptance from others. Stop trying to fit in – just be you. Stop trying to win friends by flashing your possessions.  Your character, manner and charms are worth more.   You are never alone if you keep the Divine with you.   Be Unique, and Be You.   Choose to be great every day and only depend on yourself and God – because everyone else has their own stuff to deal with.  Once you are stable in your shoes everything else doesn’t matter.
  17. Peace, kindness, humanity, care and giving are the original nature of the Soul .. aka our spirit.
  18. Contentment is really happiness and that can only be found deep inside of me.  It can not be found it possessions or in the amount of friends I have, or the job I have.   When I am content, life , all aspects of life fall  into place.  Being content in simple things like a clean house will make a massive difference in your life. Sure we need money, but we also need to know how to live a simple life.  When we were children did we have money? – but we were content- spend some time thinking on this one and you will figure out what the spark was when you were younger and how to bring a version of that back into your life and contentment will return
  19. But never every every be cruel or hurt a fellow human being, animal or the earth –or yourself. That is against Karma.
  20. Finally, live a life of positive daily routines. Meditation, affirmation, gratitude, positive reading and implementation, exercise , health vegetarian/vegan food.  Okay food might be  tough one – but google it and see why vegetarian/vegan helps to have a more positive life.


The point of this post is to wake us all up to craziness of our thinking, feeling and actions.   We seriously are not our best friends at times.  Our laziness is a cause for distress and it actually leads to other stresses, that impact our life, and it weakens us when we have to deal with verbal/emotional/physical abuse from others.   To say I will do it tomorrow means today is wasted.  Today aka the PRESENT is wasted!!  This is massive, if you want to have a happy life and be able to deal with life then you gotta get into the positive routine today – NOW!!!   Just Do It and be law abiding cause Karma takes notes on all of us -Deliberate ignorance is a form of character/emotional/spiritual

Finally,   I have written many a post about journaling, meditation, affirmation, daily intentions, thoughts etc… you can use the search box to find out more, or check me out on my social media.   All I want is for all of us to find peace, happiness, contentment and harmony and live nicely together as one big family.

Finally , finally  I share on this blog what inspires me to get into gear and if by chance it appeals to others then yeah.  I hope the post is read in a spirt of friendship and frankness and no offense taken as none is meant.

Thank you for stopping by.  Please like, comment, share or subscribe.


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Our thoughts make us happy or sad – our thoughts are in our hands, our life is a selection of choices. No one owes you anything- go out and make it happen.

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  1. Hi when I am upset I use tapping. Are you familiar with the technique? There are parts of the body that when we tap them are stress goes away.
    I’m Janice. I blog over at I met you at Jacqueline’s party. Maybe you can check out my blog. I offer blogging tips and I host 10 blog parties a month including meet and greets like Jacqueline.

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  2. I absolutely loved this post Bella. So many reminders of what’s important that we often forget as we sabotage our own happiness. Truly loved this, now before I go to sleep I’m going to meditate again on one of your lovely offerings. Thank you and hugs to you xo

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  3. Wonderful quotes and lovely wisdom of words!! You post have become the part of daily routine. Without which I find the day incomplete!! There’s so much to learn and best part is it’s calms the mind and gives a path to move forward at times when one is of track!!

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