Quotes #20, 2017

Dear Friends and Quote Lovers,

It seems that the days/weeks are flying by soon we will be in June!  We finally have some sun in the UK.

I want share what I am currently thinking…

Think good and do good.   Go out of your way to do a good deed for a fellow human being.  Look for opportunities and even create opportunities to make another human being smile and make their day.  We are one human family.

But, as we know day by day we are all selfish, robots to our phones walking up or down stairs with the phone, or crossing roads with the phone or as a driver texting whilst turning a sharp corner.  OR we all have speedy cars and we are the clever ones driving fast round a blind corner almost hitting the car coming round the corner..  These may seem trival things.  But it is from trival selfishnesses , ego, lack of care for others, that disrespect  is  grown and general good manner and care for your fellow human being even your own family is lost.  We are all spoiling the world with the way we live, we are creating a world of selfishness and lack of care for the people you live with , to neighbours and other fellow human beings.

I say do good and go out of your way to do good for others.  Become a person of kindness.  Don’t let your lazyiness /selfishness make you be uncaring to others in your life and others around you.

Sorry, but I feel what are we doing …it is pure selfishness and then talk of mindfulness with our head stuck in our phone even when we cross the road not seeing the car coming, or walking upstairs of a crowded tube station head in the phone.   Don’t people get bored on the phone each second of the day – the modern day drug addiction is the mobile phone and then we say mindufulness.🙄😣😏  All of this selfishness/laziness  leads to a weak mind and weak mind can be influenced to do the wrong thing!  Do things that build your character.

Okay rambling over and back to this post.   Here are this weeks quotes, let us know what you think in the comments below.  Thanks for visiting.


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14 replies

  1. I didn’t realise Pythagoras had said so many deep things. I really like this week’s quotes-and the Hello Kitty background 😉 . You are right about people and their phones. I’m old fashioned with my phone. I won’t travel with it. While I keep it with me and occasionally take it out on long train rides to listen to some nice music or natural sounds, which are very soothing to listen to, I rarely use it at all outdoors and never walk around with my head buried in it. So much of the works is beautiful to look at and we miss out on even simple pleasures of hearingand seeing birds sing and the different trees and flowers. It’s good to keep being good and kind to fellow humans. I think today’s post is really good and so important :). Thank you ❤

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  2. I agree with you and mypeacockbooks about the cell phones. I have one and only use it when I need to, otherwise it stays in my purse while I’m at work. It amazes me how many of my co-workers act like they will die if they put it down and are constantly checking it instead of doing work. It really is sad behavior to watch.

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  3. Wonderful quotes Bella. And you’re right, the world needs to disconnect from their phones a bit more and focus on giving their attention to what really matters, each other. 💜
    Hope you’re having a lovely weekend. xo

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