It’s Monday Yeah!

We all struggle with Monday on a regular basis.  There are a few that don’t.   However, When it is a long weeked with a public holiday as it is here in the UK – we all love Mondays.


I personally go up and down with Mondays.  However,  I am so much better than I use to be and I don’t waste it any more.  I have reschedule two posts on Monday -aka today ,to help  get those struggling with Monday in gear and ready to make it happen.  And of course a reminder to me.  Hope you enjoy and comment.

11 thoughts on “It’s Monday Yeah!

          1. Oh , now i get it. I rather not accept the award simply because i find it so hard to select other bloggers to nominate. I am over the moon for the nomination and especially as it recognises my blog for what it is. Since i started blogging i accepted two awards early on not knowimg i could say no. But then i learnt i could say no and it isnt vecausr i am not grateful. I am grateful. I just nominate other bloggers because every blogger does a great job and to vote one against another is tooo hard for me. So i hope you dont mind
            Thanks again. Bella

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