Make Monday Count!

Monday, is always a day where we feel a bit – oh it’s Monday.  Granted, there are a few of us out there that love Monday’s.   However, I think there are many more, for whom Monday is rather a chore.  


In my post  Are You Present or Can TODAY Wait ?    I discussed how we need to make the most of each second, and each minute.  

Well, of course that applies to Monday.  Can you image 52 Mondays per year and how many of those Monday’s do you enjoy?  Shocking  number I am sure.   Isn’t a shame we waste a whole day, surely we need to change our relationship with Monday ?


I have struggled with Monday’s for years.  I have worked on myself to love Monday and I have had some good successes. But, Monday still somehow is not the best day and I want to change that equation for life as it is a terrible waste of a day.

My entire blog post is about thoughts and how our thoughts make us happy or sad.   Everything in our life boils down to our thoughts, our intention, or choice. 

Therefore, lets make Monday a friend and not an enemy. Let us change our relationship with Monday.     Let us make Monday count, image how many hours we lose on Monday when we struggle with the Monday blues.  

We in fact may lose several Monday’s  a year.  That is, a lot of lost time over a year, over a life time.     If we see what ever we do as an expression of our personality, then may be Monday will be a nice day each and every week of each and every year.

So, what are you going to do to make Monday count?

I am going to ensure I implement an evening routine that gets me ready to get going on a Monday.    I am going to coach myself to like Monday using gratitude and affirmation.  I am going to make Monday count by creating a few goals I must achieve every Monday.  Small baby steps to loving Monday.

What are you going to do to change your equation with Monday? Or perhaps Monday’s are you best day -perhaps you can share with us your secrets.

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56 thoughts on “Make Monday Count!

  1. I love the way you are applying yourself to love Mondays. I reckon its the only way to get anything done. It would be great to see what the results are and how much you get out of them. I find that life is a continual readjustment to get the maximum out of any free time. BTW I left the UK and love Mondays now > zero stress is the answer!!!!! Hope you arent too busy and have a chilled out weekend. >> ps good having Wendy around looking after your page. True mate there or what!!! <<<

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    1. Hi Andy, Sorry for the delayed response. Glad you liked the post. Yes, Wendy is wonderful, we are blogging friends. Agree, one has to readjust ones life continually. Oh returning to work after two years of not working doing a kind of hand over. I am only part time, I worked there before, but , the person retiring has brought his retirement early. So I only have 5 days with someone who is a superstar and has worked there for 9 years. first day was shocking , along with the fun of the tube… Ahhh… It is saturday now 14.32- sunny and hot in uk. Glad to know the way to enjoy monday is to leave the UK ! lol,.. Happy that you are happy.


    1. Hey Wendy, So glad you like the post so much to share it. Absolutely happy that you shared and even put on your blog. What is your twitter name. I am on twitter I should follow you.
      Great news.
      Thanks Bella


    2. I followed Wendy here to see what she liked, I am not stalking! After spotting the reblog it was a natural stroll. I am glad I came … I like Mondays because they offer a fresh new page to write an adventure, not sullied by yesterdays dissapointments as that was then. 😇

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      1. Hi Ellen – just in case you don’t receive a response from Bella, she posted yesterday to let us know that she has unexpectedly started a new job and may not be able to keep up with her blog for a period of time..

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      2. No problem and thanks for the information, It has been sporadic for myself recently, sometimes life comes before writing. 😇 *sigh* but mostly it is writing *titters*

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      3. Oh Wendy, You are too sweet and kind, taking care of me like this. No word can express my appreciation of your thoughtfulness, really big big thank you. Oh returning to work and in London after two year and 2 months – oh my!

        I wont blog today, but thought I better respond to comments. But so shattered.
        Really Wendy you are too sweet and my make me feel so warm inside by your kindness. Regards Bella

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      4. Ahh – thanks Bella – I’m glad you didn’t think I was interfering – phew! Working in London will be tiring – I had to travel into London quite a lot a couple of years ago and was always exhausted when I got back to Manchester. I hope it’s going well. Take care of yourself xx

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      5. Oh I am so grateful to you Wendy, your intention is of benevolence, compassion, kindness and understanding. I am grateful to have blogging friend as you. I am grateful to you. honestly. Thank you. bella

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      6. Brilliant – thanks so much Bella. I am meeting some lovely people through this blog and you are most certainly one of them! Angels Blessings to you.. xx

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  2. What a great post and even though I’m reading it on Tuesday (in Australia) I still agree with everything you wrote and will take it to heart next Monday! Wonderful. 🙂

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  3. Golly – when you put it like that I’m just wondering how many days of my life I ‘wished away’…. I’m changing my relationship with Mondays – you’re right! x

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  4. I dunno if I’m just weird or slightly retarded but for the longest time that I can remember I’ve always had this itching in the back of my mind that says, “there is no time and there are no days.” I feel like there are two sides to this fence and I’m in the minority side; that is to say, some are convinced that all days are the same while others regard them each differently and potentially holding something new or different from another.

    Then again, have I always held such conviction or am I only coming into it now which is also shaping my memory of having always had it; and then, if so, am I again right back where I began… where there are no days?

    … ramble ramble ramble …


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    1. Hey Matthew, Thank for popping by. Yes, you are in the minority with this, having said that, I have had another say this to me many years ago. Obviously, I don’t quite agree with this concept of no time. My response is, how we explain, day and night , growing old, the season. I believe time does exist, because image if night time never happened and we never slept – the world will be even more messed up than it is.

      Love your comments and your thinking – it always good to discuss different thinking , you never know when you are going to learn something.

      Speak soon Bella


  5. Good points! It would be a shame to waste a whole day every week feeling rotten — when you add them up over a lifetime, that’s an awful lot of wasted days! I think that how you feel about the beginning of the work week depends a lot on how you feel about what you do for a living. When I had a job I didn’t like or feel inspired by, I dreaded Mondays. But after I started doing what I love, Mondays no longer held the same dread. So maybe one way to approach our feelings about Monday is to take it as an indication to examine our lives and how we can maybe do something to feel more fulfilled.

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    1. Hi Gloria, I agree with you totally. Monday are hardest when you are not enjoying. But one time I had a brilliant job but the hours I was working felt like I had no time to recover at the weekend and so Monday came to soon. On the whole Mondays are not so bad. But there are times even in a job I love – monday have been awful and it depends on health, what happened at the weekend etc.

      I am so much better with Monday – but that may change again.

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      1. Oh yes, work is work, no matter how much you like what you do. There are times I would rather be doing something else, too! And two days is not a lot of time to recharge sometimes, especially nowadays when people seem to always be “plugged-in” to work. But I remember that depression and dread I felt about Mondays in the past and I’m glad that for the most part changing careers took care of that (most of the time)! 😀

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    1. Hey Xenia, That is nice way of changing the Monday feeling. I am definitely a lot better with Mondays then I ever was. I think because I had to work so hard in some job, I just didn’t have a long enough weekend. But, now I am much better.

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  6. If you have trouble liking monday, don’t you think that’s a sign that you should do something different with your daily routine on monday? Like wouldn’t it be better to plan things on monday you look forward to do and would get excited about or that you love doing? Instead of doing the same routine and just telling yourself “i love mondays, I’m grateful that my worst problem is that I’m bored on mondays”? Because people don’t use affirmations on friday to make themselves feel better. You said in your comment that liking Monday is a thought thing, but our thoughts very much also stem from our daily habits.

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    1. Hey Vincent, Great Comments for all the read. Habits and thoughts, thoughts and habit – definitely linked both ways. I am much better with Mondays then I have ever been. There was a time when I was full time working and I was in the door at 6am out the door at 10pm so Monday was so hard , cause I just didn’t feel I had a weekend. But, life is quite different, but the old habit of not liking Monday has almost disappeared. But, I also wrote this post because there are tone people out there for whom Monday is hard work and I appreciate what it feel like. Not liking Monday – doesnt mean someone doesn’t like their job or career – it just that they haven’t had enough time to recover. When we work for our own, each day of the week is great as you work on your timetable and deadlines are generally comfortable. The job I was in – was an international job and Friday would be hell because everyone did last minute dot com and I could easily be there until 11.30 pm working. I loved the job, but it kills you a whole week of stupid hours.

      So this post is for all that have those feelings, and every ones comments will help them find a way of getting over the err it is monday feeling.


  7. I always use Mondays to refocus on my direction for the week. Usually at work I am a bit rusty after the weekend so I find reviewing my to-do list is a good way of checking that I am on track or if there are things that I need to focus on.

    I also think it is good to start on a high with a good habit, eg having a work-out, doing a bit of writing first thing when waking up. Always sets the mood and help to contribute to making a nice positive week.

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    1. Hi James, Thanks for the Monday Motivation. Great Advice. I am getting better with Mondays. A lot better. I am a bit Weird I either love Monday for months or I am just like ahhh. I like to think as I get I begin to like Monday more – it is definitely a thought thing. Thanks again for your Monday routine, I found it helpful and inspiring hope other readers do to. Cheers Bella

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