Monday Motivation-Picasso

Monday Motivation -Be a Picasso in whatever you do in your life. Have the grit to make it happen,in whatever role you play, from cleaner, housewife, executive, adminstrator, parent, retired, entreprenuer.


Far too many of waste Mondays recovering from the weekend.  If you want to get somewhere, then every day counts and that includes Monday.

Too many of us  hate our jobs,  well 1) remind yourself why you took this job and fall in love with it again.  2) if you can’t fall in love with again,  start making something else happen.

I say always try and love your job,  Remind yourself of it daily of why you took it, especially on Monday.  Count yourself lucky, that  you are employable, or you are an entreprenuer.  Value and be grateful for what you have, be it a job, a family, savings, a government that gives you benefits, a partner that earns…etc

Make each day count.  Be your best self everyday and live in the present.  For the seeds you sow today will lead to a —– future!.

If you are negative, you will have a negative future.  If you think positive you have a positive future.  If you can’t be bothered then the future wont be bother either.  If you blame the past, then neither are you in the present or paricipating in life.    If you believe people owe you,  well what have you  done that they owe you? Too many of us  think of entitlement just because of our status.  I SAY think again, make your life by yourself not expecting anything. Don’t be dependent on another not in this day and age.

Make today count and make yourself great by your own efforts.  You are born,but what you choose to do with life is your choice! Therefore, what you decide to do or not to do is rewarded in the future.

In going for your goals be respectful to yourself and others.  Be humble, patient, calm and characterful.

If you don’t know something , then learn it.  We all have a walking library in our hands.  No longer can we say I don’t know , because we can find out a lot just by googling.   Not knowing means I fail to research or discuss with others that might know.

Your life your hands your choice.  Your reward or your regret.  Your choice no one owes you anything not in this day and age.

I hope you like this.  We are what we think and do.  We make ourself hapoy or sad by what we think or do. It all starts with a thought…

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23 thoughts on “Monday Motivation-Picasso

  1. Thank you for a lovely post Bella. Yes, you are so correct… dreading Monday and in fact counting the days until Friday are wishing our life away….
    A beautifully written reminder 💐💐


      1. August… okay tc enjoy your day.. i am goung read a bit then sleep.. had a full on monday..packed…all stepping out of comfortzone stuff… but all good. We are a global team and the in the uk we are it was just me everyone on hols… oh what a day can only laugh

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh so true Bella – life is definitely too short and too precious to wish Monday’s away – That would be wishing 1/7th of our life away.. How frightening that would be .. xx

    Liked by 1 person

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