Be kind to yourself.
Be kind to others.
Be kind to the animals.
Be kind to the plants.
Be kind to mother nature.

Be kind to human beings, young, old or middle-aged.
Be kind to all and create harmony, then we can create heaven.

Being kind is being patient with those who may be slow, old, young or unwise.

Be kind to yourself, to other human beings, the animal kingdom and nature.

Remember the divine, the one above and become a strong peaceful and kind person.

Heaven is a place of harmony in relationships, with human beings, the animal kingdom, and nature.

By changing our ways today, by being kind and sharing compassion to all, we create the personality of divinity and humbleness, egolessness, and kindness. We create in us a beautiful character in us. We then create pure kind love for all. We create heaven individually and collectively.

We created the current hell we live in by our ego, greed, selfishness, and anger.

If we recognise that we are originally ‘Beings of Peace, of pure love, purity, kindness, caring and humble and we re-awaken that in us, then we can create heaven again.  Anger, hate, fear, discrimination are not our nature values!

We are responsible for the world, individually and collectively.   Do an act of kindness every day and change your ways as an individual.  And that will spread and we will all collectively change.  And harmony will be our natural habit and we will all be kind to each other.  It is our responsibility.

Be the change you want to see in the world – Gandhi


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I believe that the thoughts we create impact our life greatly. If we are able to change our thoughts, redirect them, catch our negative thinking.We can change our life. Read my 'About' page to find out more about

35 thoughts on “Kindness

  1. Hi ! You left a comment on my blog via Jacqueline’s blog party and now I’m here 😉 Gandhi’s quote is so true. I enjoy almost all of his quotes. He is a great source of inspiration and it seems like he has inspired you too. Great post by the way. I’ll be looking for your next one ;).

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  2. Love this post Bella! I do have a question. Are you kind even when people treat you badly? I have a hard time not reciprocating the negative emotions thrown at me. I do my best to not be effected but I’m not gonna lie it’s hard being kind and not just bland, when people aren’t treating me so well. Any advice on this?

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    1. Dear Monica, This a hard one for all of us, and I have improved over the years, but i do fall down at times still. So i would say i am a work in progress. So what i try to do is and i pass and fail at this, but i never stop trying. So raja yoga meditation teaches we are all souls and all children of god and we all are good, pure, peaceful, etc these are our original qualities. But as the soul takes rebirth as human we forget we are souls and we think we r bodies and that is when fear , greed, anger , ego etc come in. Not all souls have the same percentage of purity and purity really encapsulate all the positive qualites and values of a soul. So we are taught do charitable acts, do good, connect withGod through meditations, reading positive words and reawaken our goodness. So with that in the back of my mind, when faced with such behaviour i try to understand and explain to myself not to take it personnally, not lose my stage of purity, not to loose my inner peace…and too wish them peace and the ability to see their ways… like i said it is hit and miss. But this is why daily meditation, daily study of positive values, daily checking of myself what did i do well and what did ifail at and then ask god help me improve. It is hard to wish those who hurt us well..but to stay in the pain they cause crrates a negative karmic bondage so the quicker we put a positive full stop, move on , let go, and not lose our peace the better. It doesnt happen over night but we get better and wiser as God guides us. When we create karma that is negative we spoil and loose so much. Also the food we eat plays a part in our own personal anger/reaction. It is all very deep. But raja yoga meditation thaught by the brahma kumaris really gives you an insight.

      So Monica does this help ?it is not easy
      But it is about you and what you want to be and not creating negative karmic bondages as they really impact you. See it as the law of attraction..if you have ill feelings towards someone or thing gonna get some negative back in your life..

      Hope this helps. I think i have tired to blog or mention about these concepts on many a blog post of mine.

      Tc bella

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      1. Hello Bella, this definitely did help. It’s nice to know everything you have taught me in the passage. It allows me let my ego down and instead wish them peace and ability to see their way like you said. I will practice this because inside of me I knew it was wrong to treat them cold like they treat me. This really helped me see the good in others and how it’s not only just for them but for me as well. I have never heard of the food we eat being able to effect our anger/reaction. Do you have a post on this?

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      2. On food. 1)


        The biggest thing is to be vegeterian which may be hard for some and no onion and garlic. No onion and garlic as these vegetable have such strong toxins that they make one angry and hot headed. No egg or fish this isnt considered vegeraterian. Vegeterian as the body is the temple of i the soul. It is quite deep …but at a very high level i hope this helps.

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      3. Good to know Thankyou. I will read these articles in the morning because It is 1 am right now. Stopped by to check out a meditation/commentary before bed. Good day Bella, may you have a blessed one. 💕

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      4. Thankyou for the recommendation, they were enjoyable. I also reposted one of them. It was amazing seeing the result of the water formation depending on sound or thought. I couldn’t comment on them, so I thought I’d tell you hear. Thank-you Bella 🙂

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    2. Dear Monica, I forgot to say thank you, in trying to answer your question. I hope I have helped with my response – from my mobile phone with typos. I must say Monica you are an impressive 24 year old, I know people in their late 30’s and even in their 60’s that just don’t think even think as deep as you do. I love that we are blogging friends – really honestly. Regards bella

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      1. You have helped me significantly, I actually want to write it down so I can process these thoughts more. I really want to be pure, kind self, no matter what. So I will practice what you said.
        It is honorable to hear that coming from you 🙂 I believe my life experience made me this way, iv been a deep thinker probably all my life but that I recall since age 7 I stared questioning everything. I also was taught faith and about God since a young age, I still continue to practice my faith and believes everyday. I love that we are blogging friends, you are my favorite!
        Thankyou lots Bella for this wisdom:)

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