Imagine: One World filled with Peace & Harmony!

Imagine – One World – Peace and Harmony – Brotherhood of Man


If we want a better world we are all responsible for it ,   WE ARE ALL RESPONSIBLE FOR IT.   We can’t sit back and say oh it is the governments, etc responsibility.  Every single HUMAN BEING is RESPONSIBLE – not a select few!

When I Change the World Changes  – Brahma Kumaris

Be the change you want to see in the world – Gandhi

Peace on earth will not come until I AM PEACEFUL in my thoughts, words and Actions!


Human being are so bright and so clever, look at  what we have created.  We have gone to the moon and back,  to space and back,  we created so many wonderful things and some not so wonderful things.   We create happiness or sadness, Peace or War!

If we can’t live in peace and harmony,  thenonly we are responsible for the HELL we create.

IF we do not change soon will we end up like the Dinosaurs ?  Well, the soul is immortal it ever dies.  But our behaviour of greed , selfishness, anger, lust, attachment , ego etc , will only lead us to negativity and in that,  we KILL our good nature.



What has happened, can we not see when we hurt another, we hurt my brother, my sister.  Human fighting human – for what, for greed, for ego, for blindness! for WHAT?


We the People , We the HUMANS Beings,

We the immortal soul,

whose original qualities are Peace, Love, Wisdom, Joy, Purity  

WE can CHANGE this World into a WORLD of Peace, Harmony, Honest or Integrity

Be the Change, Be the one who smiles to all, be the one who is peaceful and shares peace with the world.





if we all change and become peaceful and loving to all!


I have been singing this song he entire week. Be inspired…  Let us change the world for all thing positive.  Let us change as an individual, as a collective,  let us bring peace and harmony to OUR world.


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46 replies

    • Dear Jamila, happy sunday, so glad you enjoyed this. I always think if we can change our self abd the whole world or a large number try and change then we the people can bring about world peace. If we only could get out the illusions of greed , selfishness etc

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  1. AMEN, Bella! You echo my thoughts exactly about what the pharma and medical communities (sadly) have become. I recently read an article by a doctor who says that chemotherapy, for instance, is a big failure, but it is VERY PROFITABLE, so they push it on people, poison their systems, and many times do not even help them significantly. We are an over-diagnosed, over-medicated society, but most people just blindly go along and “drink the Kool-Aid,” and never question what is being done to them. We need to be our own advocates for our bodies and our health.

    You also are right that we create our own problems and our own hell here on earth, but people conveniently blame God because it’s easier than owning up to our own responsibilities. But we have been given free will, and must use it wisely. Until we do, we will have strife, war, hunger, disease, and all kinds of suffering. Yes, we are capable of such beautiful, wonderful things, but also of such depths of evil and depravity. It’s the dichotomy of being human, but it is within our power to make this world a better place.

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    • Wow i didnt know about chemo that’s a real shock and quiet disgusting. Whats drink the kool aid? I think we are cheated at all levels. The point of this post is that we , joe public have to bring about peace and honesty in all aspects of the world. I used pharma as an example – i had no clue about chemo… i was aware that no medicine really works, that they cut the trials, they dont test enough and its all profit. But everything is is profit. All business are profit look at smoking and drinking… but every one so hooked on these you cant even make them understand and these lead to cancer. The world is corrupt from big to small and it seems to be the normal… but we cheat ourselves we make ourselves dinosaurs. Just for profit.. i wanted this post to high light we need to bring about integrity and world peace by changing our self.. i am quite disgusted by this chemo thing it is a real shock. My uncle died last year from cancer. I had read that chemo fast forwards death as it makes you weaker. He had oesphagus cancer. He died just before xmas. Then in the uk in jan 2016 or uk nhs set new reduced guidelines for drinking. I tried to explain via fb and even face to face with cousins …. that the cancer their dad had is purely because of drinking… but even with google… if some ones wants to drink and enjoy them selves it wont matter ..even when they saw their dad die a painful death. My cousins are abit stubborn and a bit .. even if i share this with them they wont listen..

      What a messed up world..

      Greed !!!! Why do us humans not believe in karma, in being good, reduce their negativity, . Greed for money , greed for getting benefits when fit for work, a world war may be looming and the world is stuck on greed and not peace and harmony …

      I so shocked by thus chemo thing. As was when my mum was in hospital a drug slowed her heart down she did not take it fully when we returned home and then we where back in hospital and she had to have a pacemaker… the forced us back on that same drug…i refused and refused and they would let us go with out prescribing it. I ended accepting the prescription and tge hospital pharmacist said but you dont want it. I said we wont take it and we will get the gp to cancel it… because i had experienced the ego of the hospital doctors and this was mum second heart attack and i kinda knew how to work the system better. But this video i saw said diabetic medicines lead to heart issues but they dont tell you that..

      Well we are killing ourself arent we by trusting doctord

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  2. I completely agree with Eli and his words. It is we who need to change and being positive and thinking good our world will go thru a change. In our atmosphere we r creating too much negativity so we need to simply not give in to the bad. Our world is a beautiful place to live and thank our lord daily. 👍

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