Monday Motivation – Thoughts, Quotes and Randomness.

Monday Motivation – Thoughts, Quotes and Randomness.

We start a new week somewhere in the world.   I start a new week after a week off work. I go to work a little to close Saturday attack on London Bridge.   I am sure we shall be fine and protected.

I feel it so important to remain positive, peaceful, and wise.  We must “be the change we wish to see in the world- Gandhi” and it starts with the way think, feel  and react.  Let me create peace, let me share peace and beauty in the world.  So let me be beautiful in character and share peace, compassion and goodness with the world each and every day.

Even if I stand alone in sharing peace, let me share peace to all, and myself.

Enjoy the randomness below, and wish you all a good safe, successful week, full of peace, positivity, meditation and extraordinary inner work to reveal a fantastic you.


I created this at the beginning of 2017 on New years Eve, and I feel now that we are half way through the year – I need a reminder.


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38 thoughts on “Monday Motivation – Thoughts, Quotes and Randomness.

    1. Hi Gloria, I know I don’t stand alone. More people stand for peace and the right thing. I work so close to whete it all happened. That part of london was a quarter of its busyness and the air, the vibe , was … i can’t find the words to explain.. it was a calm, but not a peaceful calm, it was the calm after shock and pain.. tears came in my eye each time i went close to london bridge..

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      1. I know what you mean. I used to work in Manhattan years ago — I moved away from NY long before 9-11-01, but it was still heartbreaking to see the attack on the World Trade Center. When it hits a place you know and have been to or lived in, it hurts even more deeply.

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      2. Yeah ..but 9.11.01 was omg. I was ill that and watching tv and fliped the chanel and i saw the second plane hit the second tower as the first one fell. I thought what awful movie is this and the news person spoke and i cried in disbelief. Then may a few years later my friend and i went to ny for easter and we went to the sight and omg omg. So glad you werent there.

        In the news they were saying the attackers wanted to hire a 7 tonne lorry..but the couldnt because they did have enuf money. Things in the uk are getting bad as we really dont have enuf police because governments have been cutting numbers.

        I just try even harder to keep God in my heart every second..for when we keep him close he can inspire us to move or change plans and protect us.

        Tc Gloria

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      3. Yes, that’s all we can do. I wish more people would turn to God. I’m afraid it takes a catastrophe before people admit they need help from a Higher Power.

        I first heard about the 9-11 attack on the radio. It was around 9:30 a.m. I ran downstairs and switched on the TV just in time to see the second plane hit. I thought at first I was watching an instant replay of the first plane, then realized it was a second plane, and that’s when I knew it was no accident but an attack.

        I had a morning appointment at a client’s home. I kept the appt. because I didn’t yet know the extent of the horror. On the way, I heard on the car radio about the plane crashing into the Pentagon in Washington and then the plane going down here in PA. When I reached my client’s house, we spent the whole time watching the TV and together we saw the Towers come down. She and I said we would never forget each other b/c of sharing that experience. And it’s true!

        I remember it was such a gorgeous day — clear and sunny and 85 degrees. Standing outdoors and hearing the birds sing, it was hard to imagine all the horror going on in those other places. Truly surreal! To me the most horrible image from that whole day was seeing the people jumping from the Towers. That will always haunt me.

        Sorry for rambling on. But it seems that terrorist attacks are something we all share now. At least we can stand together.

        God bless you and everyone in the UK, Bella!

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      4. Hi Gloria, no worries about Rambling, sometimes it is good to ramble… Yup this world, what to do. I think only connecting to God can keep us together, because this world sometimes really feels like it has gone past saving. TC regards Bella

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  1. Thanks for sharing as I enjoy reading your various quotes. Many times they give me inspiration and enable me to envision what it is I may want to write about in a future article on my blog site.

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  2. Thank you for all these inspiring quotes Bella, and your beautiful reminders. We can never have enough of them in our troubled times today. Wishing you peace in the week ahead. xo

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