Thankful for a public transport system that gets me to work and back home.

Thankful for being part time.  I don’t know how I worked 10 -12 hours plus for months on end as a full timer.  I can’t do it now.

Thankful for getting to work early, working through lunch and leaving on time ish.

Thankful for home cooked meals.

Thankful to have enough energy to tidy up the house , kitchen etc after a hard days work.

Thankful for evening meditation daily at 7pm to 8pm.  Thankful hearing positive thoughts from 6.30 to 7.30am daily.  Thankful for meditation in the morning.

Thankful routine.

Thankful for my basic exercise .

Thankful to my wonderful blogging friends and family.

Thankful all the hard work I did in my younger years and for always trying to be an all rounder.

Thankful to my darling mum.  Who pushes herself even when her little bidy is exhausted.  Who doesnt give her standards , we just now achieve at a slower pace.  Who reads, who learns, who keeps me on the right path always.  Who us there and is so great even though dad passed away 24 +years ago .  Life has been hard for her and my brother and I.  But hardest for her, but she is amazing you would never know her inner pain and hurt.  She is amazing and my inspiration to always be better.

Thankful for the sun.  Thankful for the rain.  Thankful for a home, food, money and safety.

Thankful for whatever education I gained.

Thankful to myself for not giving up when I felt like giving up.  Thankful for journaling, meditation , for Raja yoga meditation taught by the Brahma Kumaris.

Thankful for being a simple person and not materialistic.

Thankful to wordpress.

Thankful to my blogger friend all 1000+ plus of you for your love, likes and comments.  Thank you all.

Thankful for a comfy bed and a good nights sleep.  Thankful for lights, technology. .thankful, thankful thankful.

Thank you for reading, liking , commenting or subscribing.

What are you thankful for?

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