How does a Fire Person Put Out A Fire

Fires are put out by a cooling element.

Fires are put out with a product that stops the fire from growing

A fire is put out with Water, foam, sand or a blanket.

There are many ways of  putting out a fire.

A fire is never put out by adding more coal, wood, or petrol to it.  NO! we use something that does not fuel the fire, a coolness is added, something that blankets the fire out.

Let us understand that anger, fear, worry, doubt and hate are all fires.  These fires can not be put out by adding more anger, fear, worry, doubt or hate to the other burning fire.

Anger needs peace to stamp out the fire.   Anger needs understanding and inner work.  Anger needs me to understand me and what triggers me.   Anger could be a result of fear, worry, doubt  or hate  or …

Fear, Worry  and Doubt  needs action and faith in ourself an our capacity.  These three need inner work.  Inner work is a combination  of journaling and facing our fears ,doubts and worries.  Silent time is needed, reflection is needed, courage is needed.

When we are peaceless inside, when we can not come out of our own thoughts we drive ourselves mad, from which anger , fear etc are born.   Of course anger comes from when others are bad to us, but we should have more power not to be distrubed by those that hurt us.  Our thoughts and feeling lead us to happiness or sadness.  We have a habit of prolonging pain in our life,  we don’t know how to stop ourself.  It is very important to put life into perspective and try not drive yourself mad.

Meditation and Journaling allow you to do inner work, allows you to heal yourself over time and understand yourself.   I believe we can heal ourselves, I believe we are all good, I believe through daily repetition and practise of Meditiaton, Affirmations and Journaling we can change our negative tendancies and live a good life and be good to ourself and all.

I would like to share a few of my old post that may help you with your inner work.   I hope you like this post and visit some of my other post, I have also shared meditation below and well as links to other meditation.   Life can be great, just know pain doesnt stay for ever.

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      1. Hi Bella, it means that you tend to increase a situation by feeding something similar to the current situation. So, treating fire with fire will result in more fire! We need water to put the fire out, if you know what I mean 😉

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