Quotes #22, 2017

Dear Friends and Quotes Lovers,

Happy weekend.    Hope you are all well.

Sometimes we do so much in the weekend as we have only two days.  Sometimes we have a little longer in bed.   Whatever it may be, the weekend is a wonderful time for renewal, repair and realigning.

This weeks quotes are random as ever.  I have also linked a few of the post written this week and have included meditation commentary after the quotes.   As always do comment below which quotes you like, or one that you are contemplating.  I have quote by  Martin Luther King, I hope that you can see the depth of the message and the potential of it in our current world.


Hope you enjoy the quotes.  Have a great weekend.IMG_20170608_183358_289textgram_1497073748textgram_1497073923textgram_1497073631textgram_1497073266textgram_1497072547textgram_1496958347textgram_1497072547textgram_1497073449textgram_1497072278textgram_1496958508textgram_1496943518textgram_1496958117


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17 thoughts on “Quotes #22, 2017

  1. …And as always, these are all beautiful and very meaningful quotes that I am unable to choose a fav. They all speak to me in distinct ways. Thanks Bella for sharing and do have a wonderful weekend. Xo

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