Ensure You Grow Everyday

Pen and Paper

 Ensure You Grow Everyday…

Two questions to Ask Yourself before you go to Sleep Each and Every Day.  This will esure you grow everyday.

  • Could you have done anything differently today?

  • Did you learn anything New Today?

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15 thoughts on “Ensure You Grow Everyday

      1. These questions have been extremely helpful. I have been doing them in the evenings… so I am reporting back to you as you requested. I will begin a running journal answering these questions each day. I have found I need to do them early in the evening because I’m too tired to concentrate on them right before bed… after I answer them, I usually come up with an action plan2 or 3 things to put into practice. I will be re-blogging your entire post on ‘stone in the road’, and I will blog about this post on ‘I tripped over a stone’ referencing this post. These questions are game changers, everything comes together… especially if you have a chronic illness and need to conserve your energy! Thank so much~Kim

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        1. Kim, wow thanks for the reblog ×2. It is fantastic that they are helping you so much. So happy for you. Many thanks for coming back to comment, it is always nice to know and learn from peoples experience. Thanks again regards bella

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