Meditation Commentary #11, 2017 – Luminous Light Meditation

Meditation Commentary #11, 2017 – Luminous Light Meditation

Dear Friends,  I normally share meditation on every Tuesday and have been doing so for the last 8 weeks.   However,  I just wanted to change things up this week and will share a meditation for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (and of course the Tuesday regular),  that you can practise in the morning and evening.    When you go to bed positively you wake up positively.    If say you wake feeling all moody then make time to meditate  before you rush into your day,  this  will give peace and calmness  for the rest of the day.

I hope you enjoy the meditations this week and are able to take benefit from them daily, well upto Friday.  All meditation commentaries are created by the Brahma Kumaris who teach Raja Yoga Meditation Globally Free for all.

I hope you enjoy this,  do comment below.



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