Quotes #23, 2017

Dear Friends and Quote Lovers,

Since  Sunday June 10th,  I have been reblogging fellow bloggers posts that I found exceptionally inspirational, life enhancing and just motivational,  to be the best version oneself, every moment of life.   I encourage you to scroll through my blog and read them all.   Additionally, I extended my sharing of meditation commentaries, which is reserved for Tuesday .  I shared from Tuesday to Friday ,  again scroll through my blog and try them out.  Variety, is the spice of life; this week I wanted to do something different on my blog and thats where reblogging fellow bloggers post and sharing more meditations came from.  I hope you liked ?   Next week will be back to Tuesday meditations and randomness of my own words and Saturday Quotes.

So enough rambling here are this weeks quote selection.  As always let me know what you like.


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  1. I just wanted to apologise by the way. I haven’t seen your posts all week in my wordpress app. I kept missing them 😦 I think the app is having problems as I just discovered another blog whose posts also didn’t show up. I’ll try to use the reader on the laptop more often, or visit your site directly until it’s sorted out.

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    • No worries, the app is a bit funny, i had it and uninstalled it does weird things. I go to wp on my phone .. i am a bit rubbish getting my laptop out.. hope u r well .. this heat is too much..i know i shouldnt complain, but i just cant handle it ..no sleep every nite

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      • I’ll try reinstalling maybe then. No the heat is something I can’t handle either. So hot I’ve been having headaches all week. It seems a bit cooler this evening though, I hope it’s the end of the heatwave.

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  2. Hello Bella, some beautiful additions here. I’m always welcoming of a good quote. They have changed my life no doubt.
    Thank you for these 💐🌟

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