Material Wealth and Inner Happiness. Is this a marriage that will last?



I sit, I ponder, I walk, I wonder.

I wonder, I wonder, I wonder, what is it all about?

I wonder, why I chase material wealth?

Should I not be chasing and accumulating internal wealth?

Wealth of character and integrity.

We are immortal Souls/Spirit, whose natural nature is Peace, Love, Purity, Wisdom and Joy.


We suffer from Anger, Lust, Greed, Attachment and Ego – (i.e. Algae).  Algae is the illusion, that clouds and covers my true nature.

My true nature of Purity, Peace, Love, Wisdom, and Joy.

The Algae stops me from being the diamond that I am and I stops me from being happy.

It makes me want to gain more and more material objects to fill the empty void in me.

The void in me craves, simplicity, truth, happiness and peace.

Yet, instead of filling the void with peace, happiness and inner stability, I buy material objects and…

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  1. The reason I desire wealth is for the freedom it will afford me to spend my days as I please, doing whatever I want. That will then bring me joy and happiness, I will no longer be a slave to my job, no longer in bondage, rather enjoying what the world has to offer through nature, music, books, creativity, imagination…all these things that I would have more time for. I can help others, volunteer, be of service…so many good and wonderful things will come from it!! I look forward to it. 🙂

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  2. Deb, i do get the need for money and we all have the same wish finincial freedom and that is fine and good. It certainly makes life better. This post was a reblog which doesnt show the full original post. In which I highlight what are we doing for our inner self. Some get so carried away in accumulating because they are empty inside. Obviously that is not everyone on plant earth. So this is against accumulation of wealth is about being mindful of accumulation of stuff as that can hide an inner void. But to earn to experience life interms of music nature reading holidays is different because that is growth of a person. I hope i make sense. Many thanks for commenting always. Regards bella


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