New Blogging Schedule #2

New Blogging Schedule #2

Dear Friends,

Happy weekend.   Since I started blogging, one of my biggest issues has been keeping to some sort of blogging schedule.   So, here I go again, trying to resume a blog post schedule, let see how long this new schedule lasts.  I hope this  schedule will be helpful to you all.


AS of Today  Saturday 24th June 2017  I will blog 4 days of the week.   Anything extra will be bonus.  Two days of the week will be dedicate to a certain topic, and the others day will be suprises.

Saturday   – Quote Day

Sunday       –  Surprise

Tuesday     – Meditation Commentary or Inner Work

Thursday   –  Surprise 

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    • HI Robbie, Lets see if it works out, as it is the same i did from Sept 2016 to March 2017, I needed to put in a quote to inspire me to keep to the schedule. I hope you enjoy the schedule. thanks for your support. bella

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  1. I love whatever schedule you use. I’ve started posting regularly at 9am on my blog but occasionally post extra in the evening. I don’t like to give myself more than that as a schedule and will always say do what feels good for you :). Hope you enjoy the new schedule and having a surprise post will be great as you don’t have to feel obliged to write a post you don’t feel like writing. I love this quote by the way 🙂

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    • Hi Cat Aww big thankyou. It isn’t really a new schedule, it is an old one that i let go off in March 2017. I like how you blog, so blog every day ? and sometimes twice a day – wow!! Yes the quote, i needed sometime to help me with this new schedule. Thanks Cat, thank you for taking the time to read and comment. I hope my schedule works out. I have something lined up for tomorrow already – and I think you will like it, it is a youtube video – which you might find useful. around 10am ish i think i scheduled it.. lots of love bella ps … loving your blog and the variety you share.

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      • Yes I realised that if I stick to posting at 9am I have enough book reviews (with lots of kids picture books in there) to leave a review everyday and then put in poetry or other writing whenever I feel like it. It makes posting once a day easy for me, I think I’ve only posted twice in one day once in this blog’s lifetime but it’s something I’d do if I had extra things to post. I’d rather stick to having content at least once a day though. My posts though don’t contain so much new writing everday like yours do. I tried a Motivation Monday post every week and I couldn’t keep up. You’re far better at writing those sorts of posts than I. I’ll check out your post today 🙂

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  2. I do have a postaday kind off rule for my blog. One post per day. And that is it. It surely works for me. Any time during the day you could post any inspiration you get. But the rule is #postaday. But, you have to do what goes with your schedule and personality. As long as you have any type of schedule. You are on the right track. ❤

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