June Round Up/ Favourites

June Round Up/Favourites

This post has been inspired by a good blogger friend of mine My Peacock Books who wrote a post on her June Round up click here to read her post.  I have never done a monthly favourites/round up post before, so I hope this interesting and useful. Note:- it is longer than my other post.

Summary of June

  • In June I tried to be more ‘Community’ focused and I shared a few posts from fellow bloggers.
  • I tried to share more Meditation Commentaries in addition to the regular Tuesday Meditation commentary series.
  • I wrote a few original pieces and reblogged some old posts of mine.
  • I continued the Saturday Quote Series.
  • I also re-established my blogging schedule to try and get myself in gear  (I have been in a blogging dip for a little while).

Below, I am going to share some of my favourite pieces from all the blog posts that I have shared in June 2017,  obviously,  I can’t share all 38 posts in this post.
If  you want to find all 38 of them,

  • the blog has an Archive drop down button that allows you to select months,
  • there is search box that allows you to search for words
  • and there is a category selection button if you want to investigate more.


A Blog Post by Fellow Blogger that I Just Love

Featured Image -- 13298

I can not tell you how much I love this blog post


I came across it by complete accident.  I encourage you to visit the blogger’s site and read his work. This particular piece is by Roy T Bennet, it is a simple poem, but oh my it is profound.

Image source(unknown – has come from original post)

Meditation and Self Healing, Self Contemplation, Self Recharging


Back in April I wrote a post  about “do-forget-to-recharge-your-mobile-phone-but-dont-forget-to-recharge-yourself-with-meditation”.

Since 18th April 2017 I have been sharing a meditation commentary every Tuesday on my blog.  It was only something I was going to do for four weeks and here we are at the end June and I am still sharing.

My FAVOURITE  Meditations Commentaries shared in June 2017


Affirmations and Motivational


Affirmation are the best thing ever.  You can really fix yourself and motivate yourself into a positve attitude.  I believe when you write and affirmation and repeat it several times, rather like writing lines in school, you  convince yourself that you are good that you are capable that you can do xyz.   Here are my two favourites from June.



I am a great believer of Journaling and Gratitude Journaling.  I have written a good few post on Journaling.  When we get down, we should practice gratitude and thankfulness and we will get our-self out of a rut fast.  I only shared two this month,  I hope you enjoy.

Self-Respect & Personal Development


What we think and feel makes us happy or sad.  Therefore, our happiness and sadness is in our hands.  If we feed our-self good thoughts and go out of our way to fix our-self and make our-self strong, we are able to jump back when we get knocked down.

It is so important that we work on our-self daily with meditation, affirmation and positive reading /visualisation.

Be your best friend and put into practice actions that enhance your life and make you move forward.  If you fall into laziness and procrastination you ‘gotta’ kick yourself in the back side and snap out of it ; and if you can’t be bothered then only you are to be blamed for your sadness!    Here are five of my favourite post in this section and I hope you like them too.



  1. Be Beautiful…. Each and Everyday/
  2. how-does-a-fire-person-put-out-a-fire
  3. ensure-you-grow-everyday
  4. Be-you-be-bold-be-good-be
  5. feeling-behind-in-your-life/



I hope you found this post useful, I have never create a favourites/round up/summary  blog post  before, therefore I welcome your comments/feedback below.

Thank you for stopping by.  Please like, share, comment or subscribe.

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  1. This is a wonderful post and I’m so glad you felt like doing it. I must admit I do sometimes miss blog posts (not intentionally but I have missed some) so it’s great to catch up with a summary post like this and re-visit some of your most favourite posts. I’m working my way through the links right now. Thank you for this wonderful post and I hope you have a great Sunday ❤ 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi, Thanks for reading and commenting. Really appreciate your feedback on the monthly post review because I was a bit unsure. I must say it was fun to write.

      Have a great week a head. many thanks regards Bella


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