New Blogging Schedule #3

Dear Friends,

Hello,  I have been struggling for sometime with my blogging schedule and life.

I am currently on a 9 week course that requires homework and preparation for each of the 9 sessions, on top of everything else.

Therefore, I have decide that I will only share quotes every 3rd Saturday.  However, if you can’t live without quotes then follow me on Instagram as I share /regram almost daily there.

I have been trying to be super organised with my blog, and I have actually planned what I am posting for the  next week including quotes.

Therefore, this schedule will start from the Saturday 15th July.    Which means on Saturday 15th July there will be quotes, and then a break and then quotes will be shared on Sat 5th August, etc.  I hope I haven’t confused you.   Remember you can follow me on instagram, as I am always regramming quotes on there.

NewSchedule3 8thjuly2017

Saturday   – Quote Day * every 3rd Saturday.

Sunday       –  Surprise

Tuesday     – Meditation Commentary or Inner Work

Thursday   –  Surprise 

Thank you for popping by.  Please comment below, or subscribe to my blog.

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