The Power to Withdraw

When we take time to reflect inwardly and repair what is broken inside, then we can live happily. Each day we face many tests, some small some big . Meditation can used to build the power to withdraw even only for a minute and it allows us to restore peace of mind.

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The Power to Withdraw

A tortoise carries its shell with it.  It retreats into his shell when it is time to rest or to escape from danger.


When I reflect, contemplate and spend time introspectively, I withdraw in a proactive way.  I withdraw with an intention to build inner peace and silence.   Through meditation, we step inside and connect with I the Soul and The Divine.  The Divine is the Ocean of Peace. When I meditate I connect to that Ocean of Peace and that peace will transfer to I, the Soul.  I become more and more peaceful, calm, content and stable.

Meditation allows me to step inwards intentionally, to carve out time for inner peace and silence.  I build an inner strength of peace.   I build a fortress, a shell of the tortoise that I can step into anytime to make myself peace, calm, silent and whole.


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  1. I’m doing this more often, finding time to stop and assess my frame. Sometimes feel like I’m too long on auto-pilot……Know thyself right

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