Motivation, Inspiration & Perspective


Sometimes life can knock you out for six.  Life just doesn’t go to plan, even though you did your affirmations, your gratitude and your manifestation, your law of attraction and mindfulness.  What do we do  when we feel like it is all hard work, we feel like it is not going to get easier, we feel like giving up,  we feel that all our efforts are not coming to life, we feel down in the dumps and just want go back to bed and curl up?

Remember : “ALWAYS SEE BENEFIT IN EVERYTHING”.   Many be there is hidden benefit in  not getting the job, the interview, the contract, the etc.  May be it is not the right time, may be you are actually meant to achieve more than the boundaries of that job or that whatever.

No matter what, believe there is good in everything. Get out of bed, get…

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19 thoughts on “Motivation, Inspiration & Perspective

  1. Absolutely agree totally with your words Bella cause that is life and our impressions that know what they want to do and you rightly said that everything comes with a purpose so must move with the flow and just let it be. Awesome picture too.

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