Meditation Commentary #19, Contentment

Meditation Commentary #19, Contentment

Meditation allows you to fill your soul with peace and light.  It allows you to become full of all the good positive things in life.  It allows you to be your true-self.  Meditation frees you from your own crazy excessive thinking.  When we take time out of our day ever day, twice a day, we allow ourself to connect with our true self te soul, we allow us to breathe, and infact be true to ourself.  Meditation is a healing and repairing process, they say a good meditation can be more restful and more healing than sleep.  Meditation for me is an essential part of life and if I miss it may be two days in a row I can feel a disturbance in my normal calm inner world.


Enjoy – do comment below how you find this meditation.

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All the meditations I share have been created by students studying Raja Yoga Meditation taught by the Brahma Kumaris.

This is this weeks Meditation ( is from a youtube channel called release your wings).

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Our thoughts make us happy or sad – our thoughts are in our hands, our life is a selection of choices. No one owes you anything- go out and make it happen.

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