What is ThoughtsNLifeBlog About?

What is ThoughtsNLifeBlog About?

Just a little post about me,  why I blog, my current schedule, and my social media links.


Started blogging  in March 2016

http://www.thoughtsnlifeblog.com was created a year and five months ago by me – aka -Bella.


The fun and games of Blogging and Juggling life

Since then I have played with blogging schedules time and time again.  They say it is  important to have a blogging schedule to help you the blogger, post your writings/sharings and the reader to know when to expect something from you.   On that basis I keep publizing my schedules.   So at the tale end of July 2017 I reduced by blogging schedule to  two days a week because I am busy at work, and I am on a course that I need to study for.  And life just has a way chucking curve balls in the ways when least expected – So  I am grateful to myself for reducing my schedule as things have been a bit to much the last week and weekend.  But, life is a journey not a destination, and each experience has a lesson to be learnt and blessing to be found.   I truely believe there is  a blessing in every situation even the ugly ones, when we change our mindset  we change our world and even ugly can the most powerful lesson we learn and make ourself our character stronger.


Thank You

So I wanted to say THANK YOU to my followers old and new.   Blogging is great fun, and the wordpress community is great.  There is so much to learn for each blogger and about life and different thoughts and experiences.   Blogging is technical and it is harder than a full time job.  But, blogging brings a wholeness into life – well it does for me.

Thank you all my blogging friends.


Current Blogging Schedule

I wanted to remind you all of my current posting schedule:-

NewSchedule4 26thjuly2017

Snippet from the About page of Thoughtsnlifeblog

A simple blog, created to inspire and motivate myself and anyone else who might be aligned to what is being shared here. I have a passion for self development both from a personal and professional stand point. I have a passion for meditation, self improvement, inner peace, and always trying to find positive ways to be happy in difficult situations, this blog is to help me express this and keep me on track with my own personal growth and life long learning and commitment to become a better person. I feel the learning and experiences I gain could benefit others, therefore I share on this blog………  See about page for more.

My Social Media Links

Because I am blogging less you can also find me on


Older Posts written by me, that you might like.


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56 thoughts on “What is ThoughtsNLifeBlog About?

  1. You are a treasure to this community and your posts always a pleasure. It is great to be able to adapt our schedules according to what life wishes of us …I am finding myself going through these changes too.

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        1. Yes, I have more post than followers, I think as well, actually not sure, I will check on that. It took me sometime to build my instagram, it wasn’t any easier than building my blog to be honest 🙂 you have some good quotes on your Instagram

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        2. cool that was my intention… – okay Shay-lon speak to you tomorrow, I am going to start winding down for the evening. have a great rest of the day / evening. btw which country do live in. I am in london if you didn’t already know.

          okay – we have chatted a great deal today – laters.

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        3. I explained how I went about answering the questions, the rules definitely were more than expected but hey, that is fine, someone worthy will get it because they answered them as best and as truthfully as they can 🙂 Good luck to everyone! now I will study 🙂

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        4. enjoy studying. did you hear the audio at all ? you could have answered later .. there is time as the give away is open a good few days. listen anyway and if you wanna amend amend.

          anyway the answers are sincere. lets see what happens, fingers crossed.

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  2. Hello Bella,
    A lovely post about you and your blog’s intentions. I love the same topics too even if I haven’t begun meditation in earnest yet.
    Hope your studies go well and your week next week is less hectic.
    Take care,
    Di 💐✨

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      1. You’re welcome Bella.
        Yes, you sound very busy. A little bit of everything happening for you.
        I hope your mum is recovering well now.
        Take care and yes, your meditation practice would be a perfect way to nurture yourself through it all 💕💐

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  3. Knowing the reason for blogging is so meaningful for all .. i love your reason and so close to mine .. Thanks for being in this wordpress community .. which is very precious ..👭😊🙏🌸💐

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      1. No problem at all.. Thank you also for stopping by my blog but its generally written in Turkish and here is the good news ; i am gonna write in English and Turkish anymore so that we can understand each other here and share our ideas without any language problems .🙏💐✌ best ,

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