Thank You and Giveaway Pre-Announcement.

It is a bit overdue, and it has taken me a while to figure out what do, I want to do a giveaway from my blog to my readers.

I wanted to do something at my one year anniversary, but I couldn’t decide what.

So ,  I have decided it will a book give away that my mum and I are really enjoying reading and it is full of brillant inspiring advise and positivity.

Here is the book below and a snippet of one of the pages.

There will be rules to the giveaway -I have yet to decide.  But, one thing I have decided is I WON’T put giveaway in the title I will slide it in which ever future post it will be.

But, I wanted to do  a pre-announcement so you all can keep an eye out for.   I am quite excited and I hope who ever gets it will enjoy it and get as much value out it as I am.

This is my Thank You to you all and something I hope changes the winners life in a positive way.

So be on the look out.





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22 thoughts on “Thank You and Giveaway Pre-Announcement.

  1. Bella!
    Wow this is a tremendous idea for an anniversary! I never even gave this any thought but bloggers love giveaways and I am not exception to that rule, I will have to keep up with your blogs more closely than ever if I want to win 🙂


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    1. Actually my anniversary was in March 2017. But, I just didn’t know what to do. But, my rules are going to be quite particular – because I want my truest followers to get book, because it is such a great book and so much helpful advice. I am still struggling on the rules.. It will be similar to other giveaways -but a tiny bit strict.

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