Life is Short?

Life is short we all say.

If life is short and we disappear into nothingness then we don’t have to fear the consequences of our negative karma –because life is short and we disappear into nothingness!  Really is it like this?  Do we say this as an excuse to be lazy and careless with our life? Do we say this to get out of living a life with morals and integrity? Do we say this to ignore that Karma exists?

When someone dies, we say may their soul rest in peace? When you cut your finger and the Soul is present in the body, then pain is felt. But when you cut the finger of a dead body no pain is felt, because the Soul has left.  It is the Soul that feels pain, sorrow or happiness.

“We are not Human Beings having a Spiritual Experience.  We are Spiritual Beings having a Human experience – Pierre Teilhard De Chardin “.

The Soul/Spirit is the driver of the vehicle of the body. When the Soul leaves the body then the body is dead.  I believe we are all Souls, we are all points of light and we are immortal.  I believe, we came down from the Soul world to play parts in this world drama.   I believe we take birth into a new human body when the old body is inhabitable and when our Karmic accounts with our families of this birth are complete.  It is the Soul that carries it specialities with it, from one birth to another.   Why are some young children so clever? It is the soul that carries it talent from one birth to another.


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The original qualities of the Soul are Love, Peace, Purity, Joy, and Wisdom.   Anger, Ego, Greed, Lust and Attachment are not what we are.  These negative qualities come into our life after several births. Because, we forget we are Immortal Souls, tiny points of light, and we think we are the body, we fear loss and then we become cruel to each other.

God does not interfere with our Free Will.  Karma says as you sow so shall you reap.  Karma is the Law.  God the Divine is the benefactor and wants the best for his children, he respects our free will.   The Law of Karma is a balanced law, if you sow good then you get good, but if you sow bad then you get bad.  You may get bad in the same birth or it may come in another human birth.


To say life is too short in, in my humble opinion is not to appreciate, or respect yourself as a Soul or to value your original qualities.  To say life is short is the sheer lack of understanding I am Spirit having a Human Experience.  It is a laziness that is so profound that it says I am too lazy to be good, to live with value, to have morals, to be humble, to be kind.   To say life is too short is not to appreciate the value that is life.  In a way you take life for granted.  It is to say I will live it up and do whatever even if it is bad for me and others, because life is short and Karma doesn’t exist.  It is an excuse not to try to be your best self.  It is a waste of a life that actually has a lot of opportunities available to it.

You see, we cannot see Gravity – but we know it exist.  We can’t see the air, but we can feel the wind.   So, just because we cannot see Karma does not mean that it doesnt exist.  May be BECAUSE we use the excuse of life is too short we HAVE  become blind to Karma.

I always think if you think life is short, then think of that homeless person in Africa or some country with extreme poverty/ or war torn country where there is no hope, the child who wants to make a life, who studies sitting on the floor, who using the street lighting to study at night who wants to make a life, who has only one pair of clothes, may be no shoes, may be one meal a day.    The child makes effort to make a life, and there are you with all the opportunities in life -saying life is too short.

“Most people die at 25 and aren’t buried until they’re 75”  – Benjamin Franklin

To say life is too short is an excuse not to be a good Soul having a fantastic Human Experience.  To say life is too short is to throw morality & integrity out the window for some.  To others to say life is too short is to live it and fill it with every experience possible.  But, very few of us spend enough time trying to be true to our-self the Soul. 

Why do most people want Peace of Mind so much? Because, it is our true identity!   But hey life is too short to find time to Meditate, to find time to fill the Soul with peace, to do something that is charitable, selfless, humble or just plain good.   Life is too short, so let’s get drunk, buy more stuff we don’t need,be lazy and selfish, eat the wrong food, poison our self and the earth and waste time on social media.  Hey life is short so it is okay to waste it – isn’t it?


Or should we  Live life in such a way that you grow into the most beautiful Spirit/Soul. That your inner light shines so bright.  That our goodness and character illuminate our whole body, that our peaceful aura is all round and the person next to us feels our Divinity.  That we become so close to our original qualities that each day is beautiful in this birth and the next.  That fitting in with all the social norms of this world are not as important as being the best that you can be filled with peace and purity, that we grace this world with our presence, NOT just blend into the background like everyone else.   As Gandhi said don’t follow the Crowd if the Crowd is going in the wrong direction.

So What say you ?  Is life short an excuse not to be good  and be lazy?   Or you disagree ?  Please comment below it is always nice to know you think? Or what you want to change in your life ?

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69 replies

  1. Hello Bella,
    Well, I’m still attempting to work out how to respond. Firstly I really enjoyed your expansion on the topic from your Instagram piece.
    It gave me more of what I was wanting to hear from you.

    It’s such an interesting thought. I’m thinking to the times I have said it, but in all honesty, I think it’s others who have said it to me when I’ve been indecisive about something. Usually about those ‘human’ experiences that fill the ego rather than ‘life is short…go and donate to the poor.’ In that way, your analogy is spot on.

    I appreciate your exploration of our spiritual side, and the qualities that make us so.

    Thank you for a very thought provoking and inspiring post Bella 💐

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Di, that is true people say it too us to calm us down and put it into perspective. However for me i have people say itvin general and it is then quite a shsllow and lazy statement. Or it is a statement of popularity meaning it common and used without going into the depth of it.

      Thank you for giving such a thoughtful answer.

      Have a lovely Sunday.

      Regards bella

      Liked by 1 person

      • Hi again Bella,
        I think it means that they want to justify their choices by making us go along with them.
        It’s certainly a common catch cry though. You are right about that…
        You are the first person that I’ve read about going into the depth of it, and it’s been a very welcome one from my part.
        Thank you, and have yourself a lovely Sunday too, Bella 🙋🏻💐


  2. Interesting question Bella. Is life too short, perhaps from the perspective of looking at the raw beauty of life. If only we could experience it forever. To that extent, the saying ‘life is too short’ is a catch phrase for: make the most of everything or opportunities that you have, because beauty is found in the moment, and those moments are rare and precious. Thanks for the thought provoking post. Best, Scott

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  3. I have heard people say ‘Life can be short’ many times and I have said it myself too. This was either at a funeral or in conversation about someone close who had died unexpectedly and at a young age. When people grieve this is a very natural thing to say. Any given remark has a certain value. It all depends on who is saying it to whom and in which context. Sweeping generalisations about a phrase without taking the socio-psycholical context into account can prevent you from truly hearing what is being said 💜

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ver true Xenia. I wrote this when i heard said by several younger ones and it was flipant. But you are right in the context of some one passing away i totally get it.

      One thing i realised as some comments came in for this post, i should have talked about this side and the side of this phrase as living in the moment. My view point is single sided and this post is not holistic. So this is my learning point going forward.

      Thank for sharing this and making me realise.. eek

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  4. Life is eternal. The physical world in which we now live is temporal. Where you spend eternity is the true question one must make a decision over. If I create my own heaven, did my heaven not exist before I created it? If each goes onto to some self created heaven…what happens to those who never took the time to prepare such a place ? If everyone can believe whatever they want as truth, then none of them has found truth, because if Buddha say is right – then Muhammad is a liar…or vice verse. I believe in one God only for this reason.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes. I believe i one God too. Everyone experiences a piece of heaven and hell. I think those who prepare experience more and those who dont, still experience heaven in someway.

      Many thanks for you deep and holustic view point. Thank you for sharing your thoughts it is so good to hear other view points and expand our thinking.

      I think this post of mine has taught be a valueable lesson in my writing and I am grateful for the learning experience.

      Thanks again for your wise comment

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Great post. Has made me rethink my use of that very statement that I have found myself saying many times as I recover from my breast cancer journey. My intent when using it is the “take every opportunity you get” angle and don’t waste it. But, having said that, the statement itself ‘life is short’ is, infact, limiting and negative. I will be changing my language to facilitate being the best soul that I possibly can 🙂

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    • You are right the statement is used many to say live in the present and savour the moment. , which is positive. But i have often heard used in lazy way as i put, which sparked this post.

      Well done and wish you a speedy and full recovery. Life chucks us many situations that we rather not have. But when they are there we have to face them the best we can. One thing i did not go into in this post is the connection with the Divine and taking his positive engergy to help us. Btw i share meditation weekly current every wednesday. If you use the search box and search for the meditation you will find loads there is one on heal your body which you might life. All the other meditations are great.

      Thank you for taking the time to read and comment and i glad the post helped.

      Hugs to you on your journey. And congratulations on the courage it has taken so far. I believe we should always be grateful for everything , that there is benefit in everthing and we should pat ourself on the back for our journey so far.

      Wishing you the best.. have a great monday and rest of the week.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Bella, this is such a deep and thought provoking post. It certainly made me think of the times when I’ve said it, usually in the sense of someone passing and feeling as though life is so precious. For me it means to make the most of the moment, to appreciate the life we’re given in each and every moment. Inspiring post as usual. 💕

    Liked by 1 person

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