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Inside Out – Find your Inner Self – A chance to win a wonderful book!

I write this blog to improve myself and  If by chance what I share on my blog inspires you that such a wonderful bonus on this journey of life.

So I have a GIVEAWAY for you my followers.  I have now been blogging since March  2016 and I have been meaning to a give away for ages.  But, I just could not figure out what.   So finally, I have decide that I will l give away a  book called InsideOut – A Better way of living, learning  and Loving by Dadi Janki.    See the cover below.

Dadi Janki is 101 years old and stepping into 102, she has practised meditation and spirituality her whole life.  You go infront of her and all the pain just melts away.


This is the first giveaway I have ever done on my blog, it is a thank you for following me and my blog and commenting and supporting me.

The book is precious so precious and soooo deep that I really want it to go to somone who will love it, understand it and appreciate the gift of the wisdom in this book.  For me this is a gift from  my heart to yours and it is so precious,  I want it to be read, experienced to be life changing and loved and re-read.

Because I think it is so precious, I include an audio of me reading bit of it.  Now, you have to forgive the sound quality, my terrible terrible reading and my voice.  This is the first time I have ever done this and I don’t know how to edit.  I sound so young , my voice is awful, but trust me I am not as young as I sound I even have a few grey hairs (eek – lol). 

Anyway, if you go past the bad sound and my voice and hear the words, then you can decide if you want this book and if you want to enter the give away.  The link works I have tried it, you might have to click it twice or something, but please hear it.  The audio is about 12 minutes long.   I am very sorry my reading is terrible  – I recorded this 3 times and it is still terrible.


Sorry in advance the giveaway rules are bit crazy, but in all honesty this a precious gift that I have taken months to decide on.   I want to this book to go a follower who will really treasure it and has been a great follower of my blog.

  1.  You must be a follower of my blog  before Monday  21st August 2017.  Sorry,  it is not open to very new followers as this a thank you to those who have been with me a long time.   Sorry.
  2. You need make a comment  on this blog post (Inside Out) and I would like you to give your best answer to all the following questions:-
    1. What is true happiness?
    2. Where do you find your happiness?
    3. How do manage your waste thoughts now?
    4. What are your thoughts on the Divine? If you have any at all?
    5. What would owning a book like this allow you to do in terms of changing your life?
    6. From the audio I created what becomes self-defeating ?
    7. From the audio when we are filled with ‘x’ then falsehood has  no place.  What is the ‘x’?
    8. From the audio who is the jewel?
    9. What do like about my blog and why do you follow my blog?
    10. What don’t you like about my blog?  I want some feedback and it won’t affect your chance of winning.
    11. How do you deal with waste  thoughts ?
    12. What makes you unhappy and how do you get yourself out to that?
  3. The giveaway is open from today Tuesday 22nd August 2017  from the time this post goes live to  Monday 28th August 2017 mid night. 
  4. The winner will be the one who I feel gives the most sincerest answers to the questions above.   I will announce the winner most likely on this blog post, or another, but eitherway the winner will know who they are and I will forward you my email for you to email me your valid name and address for me to post the book to you.  If the winner fails to contact me within  5  days of the announcement a new winner will be selected.
  5. I have brought the book myself and will be posting as my own personal cost.  The giveaway is international as I have many followers outside of the UK.

I am really exicited and I really hope the book will be loved as much as I  love it.  Sorry if the rules are crazzy – but if you know me then you will get it.

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135 thoughts on “Inside Out **

  1. First congratulations for motivating step you have taken !! I found this post very much great !! Indeed the book seems to be very interesting and attracts me a lot! Undoubtedly you have a beautiful voice. From the beginning your blog have attracted me since it always have something positive to give to your readers.
    This post says a lot about you too as a person including the depth in your voice!!

    What is true happiness?
    True happiness for me is to see my parents smile with self content and I being the pride for them.
    Where do you find your happiness?
    I find happiness in my surroundings and small things of life. Biggest of all, smile and love note from my mother and father means everything to me.
    How do manage your waste thoughts now?
    I would love to talk to someone before I am not able to handle it.
    What are your thoughts on the Divine? If you have any at all?
    I suppose I still need to experience it. But I remember my visit to my holy place Hemkund Sahib. After along walk for hours and reaching the place the satisfaction it gave me while tears rolling my eyes I couldn’t forget the connectivity I for the first time felt with god.
    What would owning a book like this allow you to do in terms of changing your life?
    It would enhance and enlighten my life more with stability and help me in control of my thoughts.
    From the audio I created what becomes self-defeating ?
    Success becomes self defeating.
    From the audio when we are filled with ‘x’ then falsehood has  no place.  What is the ‘x’?
    X is truthfulness!!
    From the audio who is the jewel?
    God is the jewel
    What do like about my blog and why do you follow my blog?
    I followed your blog because it gave a start to listen to your meditation videos and inspirational quotes have always made me liked your post and also a positive person I found in you!!
    What don’t you like about my blog?  I want some feedback and it won’t affect your chance of winning.
    I have to think about it because as such have never found anything that would distract me from your blog!!
    How do you deal with waste  thoughts ?
    Would love to talk over my thoughts before it harms me on rethinking it!!
    What makes you unhappy and how do you get yourself out to that?
    Often getting misunderstood makes me upset and best part of getting out of is to clear the matter with solution with whom I have suffered that pain.


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      1. Hi Tanvir, thank you for taking part and i hope you found it fun. There are good books you can buy from amazon if you wish and i can tell you more if you want to know more ..

        Thank you for your great answers and sorry .

        Regards bella

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  2. Hi Bella,
    You were right about the rules and the giveaway you did make it very extended and worthy of the book, because my time is short with studies, I will listen to the audio and answer everything that makes sense to me and that I have earned answers to, if I don’t answer it is either because I don’t comprehend the question or because I don’t have an answer because I don’t lol 🙂 I will have these answers down below:

    a. True happiness? Is what you make it, it is what comes to you when you aren’t depending on materialistic things.
    b. where do you find your happiness? in positive thinking, inner peace and good.
    c. how do you manage your waste thoughts now? i don’t currently, haven’t really figured it out yet
    d. my thoughts on the divine? this answer is too complicated for me to write out.. I don’t really have an easy way to explain this.
    e. A book like this would give me a different perspective and teach me something new and allow me to self discover what the meaning of life might be for me.
    h. who is the jewel? from what I gathered, either god or the higher power
    i. I like that your blog is always something positive and I follow because positive people are something good to surround yourself around.
    j. to be honest I have never looked over your blog in order to critique it in a way that I would assume something negative. But if I must answer, I will say that probably that sometimes it is very in depth and for someone like me, it can be hard to comprehend everything.. all the time because my brain is weird
    k. I just give in and sink back into a little hole of dispair
    l. Many things have made me unhappy, to list them all would take more time than I have but the majority of things that make me unhappy are the ones i have no control over and that is why it burns me more. I haven’t found my way to get out of it, I just live and hope sometime down the path or road I find some joy someplace.

    Good luck to all those that compete in this giveaway!


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    1. Hi Shay-lon, Can you give me an example of what you might find confusing /in depth on my blog, I just want to understand a bit better, because I think I might actually have a better book for you, that you can by either on Amazon or Another website, which might ease you into some of the concepts that I talk about on my blog, in a more digestible manner. Because I am a bit concerned this book might just send you over the edge – you know what I mean. There are easier books to read than this one. Not to say this is not an easy read, but, I fear /worry you might struggle with it and then you won’t benefit should you win the book. So, if you can possibly expand a bit more on what you find difficult then I can try and find more suitable books for you that you can buy. Regards Bella


      1. Yes, Bella. I guess I don’t fully understand meditation and all the vocabulary that might come with, I don’t understand the full purpose and I don’t understand how it goes one in one with our world and a high power. Secondly, I’m always confused when it comes to all things spiritual.. To be honest, when stuff like that isn’t in lamens terms, sometimes it can go over my head. Although I try to understand. It isn’t that your whole blog is confusing and I can’t understand anything you say, it is the fact that I want to wrap my head around everything but sometimes it all comes at me at once and I don’t understand everything right away. I enjoy your blog and meditations, no complaints from me.. I just like when things are put into perspective for myself. If this makes sense. If not, then.. I guess I failed hahha

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      2. No you have not failed, no such thing as failure. We understand things over time and how much effort we put into it. You will see that with your current studies how much you learnt that you didnt undetstand.

        So you havent failed, you are on a learning process.

        But i do think this book will send you over the edge🤔, so i recommend something easier you can buy for yourself and i wont put you into the hat for the giveaway. I hope that is okay and you get my reasoning. I actually have a better book in mind for you.

        Currently at work i will give details later.

        I hope you don’t mind or feel bad for me not putting you in the hat… honestly from what you just said i think it will send you over the edge..

        Regards bella

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  3. Hi Bella, I am not entering the giveaway as it is very difficult to send books to South Africa. I like your blog thought so I thought I would answer some of your questions. To me true happiness is spending time doing things I enjoy with the people I love. I am currently on holiday with my family making memories and it is great. I do get a bit down now and then but I am not a naturally depressed person. When I feel a bit out of sorts I play music that lifts my spirits and makes me feel happy. Unfortunately, I can’t listened to the audio as the signal at the hotel is weak. I like the quotes and happy thoughts you share on your blog. I also love your rose header. I can’t think of anything I specially don’t like. Have a lovely day, Bella.

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    1. Ahh Robbie so sweet of you -thank you. Sorry you cant enter.. may be you can hear the audio when you are back home, but my reading and voice are awful. I guess you will be going back to SA soon ? you have lovely ideas of what makes you happy and how you keep yourself happy. Thank you again.

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    2. Oh that rose header is a rose from my garden.

      Thank you again for the being the first to comments, and it nice to know what you like. hopefully soon I can get back a 3 day or 4 day a week blogging schedule and bring back the weekly quotes. – thanks for the feedback so appreciate it.

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