Inside Out -Giveaway -Update

So Friends the ones who have entered the giveaway I have an updated.   I was a bit unsure which way the giveaway would go and if anyone would enter at all.

So when i decided to do  the giveaway i actually brought two books and the thought was if i get enuough entries I will giveaway two books.  And if i didnt get many enteries I would keep the other book for myself because the one we have is now permanently with mum that I dont always get a… told you it is that good.

So those who have entered,  can you go to the giveaway and enter which country you are from.  The giveaway will be split into international and UK ,  I think that is fair ?

The answers so far are too good and I might struggle a lot to choose a winner and it’s hard especially as 98-99 % are my dear blogging friends.   I might end up asking one more question and dividing the names and pulling the names out of  2 hats one for international and one for uk?

Yet to guys have made it tough 😊🤗🤔.

Regards bella

Regards Bella


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    • I been giving this a lot of thought and have also thought as this book is not on amazon and available everywhere and bit of it are mind blowing.. i am going to search amazon for other books that those who dont win or even the winners might want to buy personally can buy..

      Because this book is great , but it does need the reader to be in a certain place i feel thats why asked my crazy questions..

      So i will do my best to make as fair as possible.

      This is sooo hard… eek

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  1. Good luck to who ever wins and I hope you get even more entries. Maybe you should have bought a third book for yourself, lol ❤ 🙂

    Btw is there any where I can find the book to buy? Amazon UK doesn’t look like a great shopping place for it and has a silly review (have you seen it?) which I disagree with as I understood the bits you read aloud and it resonated with me instantly. Hope there’s a way to buy it ❤

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  2. Hi all, I did not realise this book is not on Amazon – so it become extra special. But you can order this book from here
    but it is not available in all countries. Additionally, the cover is different in the rest of the world as to what i have shown in this blog. Book is called Inside Out – By Dadi Janki.

    So, if you want the book and are not entering you can get it yourself.

    When I announce the winner I will list a couple of books that I recommend that can be found on these website as well as amazon and are books i have and am reading, so there is something for everyone.

    Those who have entered your answers are so great, it is so hard to choose. It makes it really hard as you have become such good friends that – I wish I had more money and I could give a book to you all, honestly – feel so bad .. The majority of you are my blogging friends we chat so well and it so hard to choose … But, i hope when I do announce the two winner one UK and one international you won’t feel bad if not selected.. regards Bella

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