Inside Out – The Winners Are !!

Dear Friends,

Thank you for all the comments on the Giveaway post.   It was lovely to have so many blogging friends enter the giveaway.

It was especially lovely of those who commented but chose not to enter because of postal issues or for whatever reason, I really appreciate your concern and value for our friendship and your respect for me.  What do I mean by especially lovely – really your care for me and respect for me – big hugs to you all.Below is where you can buy the book or buy other books from amazon that will be similar.

We had two people enter that unfortunately had to pull out for various reasons.  Sorry, you answered the questions and could not enter in the end.  Below is where you can buy the book or buy other books from amazon that will be similar.

Most of the entrants are my close blogging friends that I have made over the one year and 6 months I have been blogging.   I classify you as friends as we speak minimum once a week at least and maximum can be rather a lot – lol.

This giveaway was/is a THANK YOU to my close blogging friends (as per the definition above).  It has been a long hard journey blogging and I can’t say I have achieved success and I am retiring at 1 years and 6 months, but all of you have encouraged me in some way to carry on and not quit as I almost did many a time.  So, this is my thank you to all my good blogging friends.

To the entrants,

thank you for listening to the audio.  I appreciate the audio did not work for all and was unclear which was a real shame.  Also, I would like to thank you all for really putting some deep thought into your answers.  All of your answers were excellent and from your hearts.   I designed this giveaway as a thank you and I am very keen this book goes to the right person.  So,  I wanted to understand you all a better to see wether this book would fit you or make you think – OMG what’s this all about.  Though the book is easy to read, it needs the reader to be at certain level of understanding.  That’s why I designed the giveaway the way I did. But the audio bit failed, but those who could hear it did very well and actually only 3 got all 3 answers right – but there is no right or wrong really.

How did I pull the winners?

Well the audio failed to be clear to all.  So I divided the entrants into International and UK and ignored the 3 audio related questions (sorry for those who answered).    And then simply pulled out of a hat as this was the fairest way.    I did not include two entrants for reason I have explained to them (the above text describes some of the reasons.)

Obviously I only have two books to give.  I wish I had more money than I would have given to all.

The “Inside Out” book is not on Amazon – honestly I had no clue it wasn’t on Amazon.     Anyway, there are a few local books shops that you can order this book from check this URL


Additionally, there are other books that you might want to order and these can be found on Amazon as well as  so you can pick the cheapest option for you to buy.    Please check the price of the books carefully and don’t over pay, I would use the  Brahma Kumaris book shop link as guideline.  There are Kindle options too on Amazon.

I include the links to books in Amazon UK below, note I am an Amazon UK affiliate, should you buy a book I get a tiny percentage at no cost to you  (note I have not made a penny to-date and this post is not a way to make money ).   But, please do check out the Brahma Kumaris book shop out as it might be cheaper than Amazon** See my Disclosure-Disclaimer Page for more details.

Alternative Books


Seeking Silence

Discovering Spirituality

Living Our Values




These books are all books I have and am reading.    I think they are all easy to read.   I think Living Our Values is great book and might be a good starting point for the less spiritual and it is like a text book format.  It  is really great.

Finally,  all the books I share on this post are books that you don’t just read once and be done with it. They are Keepers to be referred to several times a year after reading through, or even several times a month or a week.   They are book for your life time, and as we mature the depth of the book will also mature and you will find even deeper meaning to it.  I hope that makes sense.

So Who are the Winners -out of  a hat

International Winner is:  Kamal of  Boundlessblessingblog

UK winner is:  Brigid of  Watchingthedaisies

To the winners – congratulations to you.   Please email me your full postal address and full Name to  can you make the subject  “Inside Out Giveaway Winner”, thanks in advance.

Sorry to all of you who didn’t win.  If only I had enough money  to get you all a thank you gift.  But, this book is available in the UK, USA and AUS.  The covers in th USA and AUS are not the same as the UK one, so you can buy if you are really keen.    Thank you all so much for entering and your answers were fantastic and I hope that answering these questions a woke something in you to do more work on yourself.  Again Sorry I could not give you all a book.

Big thank you all from the bottom of my heart. And you know you are all winners at  heart and I really value your frienship and I hope you are all cool with this result.


Bella – Aka thoughtsnlifblog


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28 thoughts on “Inside Out – The Winners Are !!

  1. Wow thanks so much Bella am feeling so blessed and happy for having chosen me for this wonderful and amazing gift. I will love this book. I will love reading it and get so much benefit out of it. Thanks so much and pl. do not think of quitting WordPress cause so many people who were so good with their stories, poems and other things have all left and there is a void to read great stuff. Do not leave but keep on writing whenever you can. Love and ample hugs to you.

    Liked by 5 people

    1. Congrats Kamal, it was the luck of the draw in the end. Your answers were great and i hope you can take benefit from this book. Well i am hoping I wont quit , but i surely struggle, but what keeps me gping is you all. But wordpress never tells me when you post, which is annoying as i miss your post which are always fab.

      Congrats Again
      Regards Bella

      Liked by 3 people

      1. Ya i think some of our posts are going in spam folders and I have to recover each and everyday may be my posts must be going in your spam folders. It is k and yes our family is so good and so encouraging so why quit whenever you have time do keep on writing cause I love reading your inspiring and motivating posts so much. Love Kamal.

        Liked by 2 people

    1. Hi Miriam, thank you for taking part. You answer were fab and you really put effort into them. The is not expensive and is available in Australia if you want to buy it yourself. Orcthere are other books for you if you are interested. Thank you again for taking part and sorry. Regards bella

      Liked by 2 people

      1. It was all my pleasure Bella.
        It was a fun exercise and helped me to collect my thoughts and to hear a snippet of Wisdom through your reading the few pages…

        Liked by 3 people

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