Patience, Faith & Detachment.

Patience, Faith & Detachment.

I have seen patience used as a way to create space and clarity before a decision is taken. Effectively the decision is delayed.   We are often made to feel by others or even by our-self that we MUST make the decision right now, immediately.  But, I have seen that we can actually in most cases delay a decision. Additionally, we can can change our mind after a decision is made, we are not fixed to it (we can say we made a mistake.).

I believe that we should sit on a decision, meditatand give it space and ask The Divine for clarity.  Because, if we take a decision because we feel we must immediately, we often are not thinking clearly.   I think to wait, create space, and peace allows us to have clarity, then we can use wisdom, understanding and silence to guide us in taking the right decision.    I believe Patience requires an element of faith and detachment. It requires us to be constantly learning from life and practising patience.  Then, no matter how big the life lesson, the earthquake of the life test is, we will sail through it with minimal upset, anger, frustration and drama.


I believe to practise Patience we need

  • faith,
  • detachment,
  • maturity,
  • wisdom,
  • to be constant,
  • to be centred,
  • to be stable,
  • to be calm,
  • to be tolerant,
  • to be farsighted,
  • to be brave,
  • to be light,
  • to be understanding,
  • to be experienced,
  • to be fearless
  • and extremely connected with ourself and The Divine.

We need to know our automatic reactions,

  • We need to know if we can make good decision or not,
  • We need to know how to put a break on making decision,
  • and we need to learn with each experience that life gives us.

Patience is a beautiful quality, value, and virtue.  If we try and practice it in every situation in life, we will become skilled and we will cringe why was I so impatience before.  The more patient I become, the easier life becomes. We start to glide through life calmly. And when that life tsunami hits, we might get a tiny bit shaken up, but it won’t last as long as it did before and we won’t be a wreck like before. 

So, let us try  to have the intention/create the habit of Patience, and long side patience let us have the faith and the detachment to allow us to practise patience.

I have seen it in action and I have tired it myself, and I believe it is possible and it will make a massive difference in our lives.  Will you give it a try ? Do comment below.

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  1. Reblogged this on Now I'm Found and commented:

    I completely agree. I have been noticing myself on how I make decisions.. somehow I rely more on my gut feelings and think that prompt decisions are better. Thanks to your post, now I can practice holding it and wait for the peace and wisdom to come in, before making a decision.

    Thank you!

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