Towards a More Positive Me/ Positive Challenge/ Free Printable Booklet

I would like to invite you to all join me on a challenge to be more positive.   I have created a free booklet/printable for this the details are below.

So we all know a habit takes up to  21 days to create, or  66 days or a bit longer depends on us.

I created this challenge for me, but I hope you will join in.

The Challenge with pen and paper write out the following daily.   It could be at night or it could be anytime of the day.

  1.  Write 7 points of gratitude daily
  2.  Choose an Affirmation (or several) and write it out 21 times a day.
  3. Try and understand your mood of the day and what you need to do to change it.
  4. Let go, forgive, and forget.  Again write it out 7 days a day.

With your moods

  1. Try and track them three times a day,  when you wake up ,lunch time and night time
  2. In changing your mood repeat this with pen and paper 7 time  when you feel low
    • There is benefit in everything.  It will be fine and I can manage and handle this.  The Divine is with me.   Not everything has to be okay now, or decided now, it is okay. There is benefit in everything.
    • if the situation is particularly bad… write   ahhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhh 7 times, and watch your mood go away.
  3. Ask yourself, what is this suitation trying to teach me?  What am I not learning from this that I need learn?

With Letting go:

Okay, we know it is hard.  But resentment, anger and revenge do not help you.  You gain a karmic account. You become bitter and that is  not a peaceful, happy or positive way to be.    Again with pen and paper – write out 7 times , I let go of z ,  I forgive your z,   it is okay z.   Even if you don’t feel it do it as  you release the built up pain and one day that relationship will finally leave you in peace

Lastly,  you must if you can meditate daily.  See my Meditation page for meditation, additionally I share a meditation every Wednesday.

Finally, here is the

Free Booklet/Printable – Final Towards a More Positive Me  This booklet, has a bit text then some blank pages for you to fill out.  You could print-it-out or just refer to it on-line.

Also,  I created a Filled out – Towards a More Positive Me – so you have an example of how it could be use.

Hope you can download, view on line or print out.   It is hopefully a fun way to do this challenge, creating an new happy positive me /you /us.    (note this post is my first creating a printable- hope if works.)

Thank you for popping by.  Please, Comment, like, share ,or subscribe

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