Where There is Silence There is …..

Where There is Silence There is …..

Where there is silence there is contentment

Where there is silence there is peace

Where there is silence there is balance

Silence is a state of mind, of thought ,of word, of action.

When we are silent we become strong and resilient

How do we become silent and build our stock of silence ?

When we learn to accept it all, as it is.

When I learn that I can only change myself.

When I learn I can’t change another.

When I learn the world is a drama, a play and each one is playing their part in this kingdom.

In a Kingdom not all can be Kings,Queens, Princes and Princesses, there is a need for subjects at all levels.

When I learn to accept all are unique and that they are playing their part accurately.

When I learn to accept their part, my part and learn to focus on myself and make myself a better person, then I am playing part my well.  Then,  there is contentment, and silence, which leads to an automatic balance and strength in life.

I need to put the full stop of :-there is benefit in everything , and I need to learn to see benefit in everything.

I need to learn to sit in silence, walk in silence, work in silence , talk in silence!   How silent are you inside?

When I change the world changes!

Silence is an inner power, which we can be developed and made into a  new habit.    Through practice and repetition we can become silent powerhouses and we can develop such a stock of silence that we can share with ourselves and the world.

In silence I will always be content, for I have found the truth of living , communicating, and being true to my original nature of silence.

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This post is inspired by Raja Yoga Meditation taught by the Brahma Kumaris

22 replies

  1. Ah! What a beautiful space your post created. Silence is a source of contentment, resilience, power, balance …it is indeed something to be cultivated to find ease in being with yourself and silent within. Loved your post to the core.

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  2. Very nice. People ask me why I like to walk at 4 in the morning, and you just explained it. It’s the beautiful silence that I love so much. Clears my mind for the day to come. We all need more silence in our lives.

    Liked by 2 people

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