Meditation Commentary, #26 – Stillness

Meditation is like charging, recharging the Soul.   We charge the body with food, exercise, water and sleep daily.  But, we forget I the Soul.   We religiously charge are mobile phones but we fail to recharge I the Soul.  Meditation is the recharge we need, we need it daily, not just once a day.  However, once a day is a good place to start.   We are all Souls, all immortal points of light, we take a body to express our beautiful personalities. But, birth after birth makes us forget we are Beautiful, peaceful, pure, wise, loveful and joyful Souls.

I am peace, I am Calm, I am Stillness.  I hope you enjoy this

I hope you enjoy this meditaiton, this mediation can be found on youtube, the channel name is release your wings.

We are all Spirit/Souls.  The Soul am a point of immortal light.  I am filled with Peace, Joy, Light, Purity, Love, and Wisdom. 

I hope you enjoy this meditation.  I share meditations weekly on Wednesday (previously it was Tuesday).

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14 thoughts on “Meditation Commentary, #26 – Stillness

  1. I love this Article Bella, I found the stillness meditation vey peaceful. My new meditation goal is to wake up and meditate for 5 minutes everyday, this will be helpful. Thankyou Bella.

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