Quotes #22, 2017

Dear Friends and Quote Lovers,  This is a bonus post for you all.   I am thinking of returning to weekly quotes sharing between 3 to 6 a week on my blog post.  Because,  I sense a lot of you might be missing them.  Now,  I am still busy in life so do i share weekly or bi weekly, or if I do three a week?  Anyways,  I am thinking about the return of quotes, which may mean an updated schedule of posts or…

So, thanks for popping by.  Do comment below which quote you like.  If you want me to share quotes more regularily do also comment below.  Thank you again.



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  1. I think that last quote by Democritus speaks volumes. Some people seem to just want to hear themselves talk, so they don’t listen actively when someone else is doing the talking.
    Thanks for sharing, I say share quotes when you can – the rest of us will follow your schedule! 🙂

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