Blessings Everywhere

In every aspect of life there are blessings.

Change your attitude towards a situation and you will see the blessing in everything, including the horrible stuff.

When you look for blessings, even at difficult times, you stop your mind from overthinking a problem and making it worse.

When you see problems in a different light, you being to see beauty in adversity.

Seeing blessings in difficult situations, helps you apply a full stop to all negativity and  helps to create peace of mind.

Without difficulties we sometimes do not know, how

  • strong we are
  • much we need to grow
  • capable we are
  • resilient we are.
  • far we have come along the journey of life.

How Can I See Blessings and Benefit in Pain

I often say to myself, there is a blessing/benefit in everything, especially when it seems to be going all wrong.

I take a pen and paper – I journal the pain.  I write there is benefit in everything.  Sometimes,  I cannot see the blessing or the benefit.  However, when I repeat the words on paper-“ there is benefit in everything”,  I calm down and see the benefit in that situation eventually.

This activity of writing helps me to see:-

  • I see the learning opportunity,
  • I see my error of thinking or judgement,
  • I see the other person view point,
  • I see where I need to change.

This activity is not about finding fault with another or myself.  It is about learning from life and  making my life more peaceful and happy.

It is about:-

  • Making peace within me,
  • accepting my views,
  • changing my views where necessary
  • Learning to live a wise life a meaningful and calm life.
  • Create a life of character and not of material wealth.
  • A life that ensures I continually grow my character and become full in becoming the best version of me.

We know life is going to give us lessons.  We need to learn from life.  We need to see the benefit in everything, then even in the midst of deep pain, you have a Well – a bank of reserves of quiet inner strength that will carry you.

But I can’t – it is too Much

Of course there are times where we feel that we have had enough, but we always get past thoses phases.   Then, when we reflect back at those pains and learn from that time, we realise how useful that difficult phase in life was.    Now, the secret to getting over the pain is to LET IT GO, Forgive IT, Move On and don’t hold resentment.    Because, if you don’t you will be trapped in that pain for life, and your will incur health issues.

Parting thought

See difficulties as the sand paper that polishes us into being a beautiful diamond.  Sure, life is hard, but thinking about it all the time is what emotionally kills us.  So, live a bright life and embrace difficulties because they are making you the best version of you.

It is our thinking, our feeling, our view points that make us feel pain.  If we change to see blessing in everything then, there are so many benefits in pain.  It is our thinking that causes us pain more than anything else.


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28 thoughts on “Blessings Everywhere

  1. So very true dear Bella. There are lessons and blessings in everything that happens in our life. Once we shift our focus perspective it’s like we can breath again, like everything makes sense. This is a beautiful post.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. One can always try, then one day one will. Thank you for visiting and taking time to comment. I believe one can btw cause i have been trying this one for years and i have a great few successes and of course there is some wip ( work in progress )too.

      Thank you once again for commenting and visiting


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  3. I love you break down this perspective, of see the blessings in everything, to the smallest detail that are simple and easy to understand. Reading your post slowed down my mind in a calm way. I agree with you – everything that we experience is indeed a blessing in disguise and like your idea of writing it down as an affirmation in difficult times.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Also known as a blessing in disguise…yes you are so right, everything is a blessing. Love the quotes…I always loved that Martin Luther King quote…he was such an inspiration. Have a blessed weekend, Bella. xo 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Well written Bella! And so true. I always say the greatest victories come from the biggest trials. We should embrace the difficult times in our lives – that is when we grown the most. Thanks for the wonderful reminder!

    Liked by 1 person

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