Meditation Commentary , #27 – Intuition

Meditation on Intuition, with this meditation  learn to listen to you, your inner knowledge and wisdom.  This is a beautiful meditation that allows you to awaken your Intuition.

It is important to practice meditation daily, I would like to encourage you to add this meditaiton to your favourites, and practice it daily for a week and see how you feel at the end of the 7 days.   I share a meditation commentary weekly on Wednesday, so you will have another meditation to practice weekly, should you wish to.

Remember how you will never dare forget to charge your mobile phone.    I ask you never to fail to charge you the Soul daily and see your world change, in ways you can not image.  Change, in a way that no material item possession, will give such deep inner happiness, contentment, grounding  and bliss.

I hope you enjoy this meditation, this meditation can be found on youtube, the channel name is release your wings.

We are all Spirit/Souls.  The Soul am a point of immortal light.  I am filled with Peace, Joy, Light, Purity, Love, and Wisdom. I hope you enjoy this meditation.  I share meditations weekly on Wednesday (previously it was Tuesday).  For those who have been following me for a while this meditation is a repeat, but, I believe in repeating meditation as then you can see how far you have come.


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This meditaion was created by students of Raja Yoga Meditation.

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    • Hi there, Thank you. I share meditation commentaries every week, currently it is every Wednesday. If you are looking for more then you can use the search box to find old ones, or look at my meditation page. But, I share the commentaries, I have not created them they are available on tube. I share one created by student of Raja Yoga Meditation mainly.
      So glad you enjoyed this. speak soon. take care


  1. Meditation is knowing oneself through the experience of bliss of oneness. The systematic steps of Yoga withdraw the mind from the external senses and make it concentrate inward. This internal focus harmonizes the mind with cosmic consciousness. Any activity where personal identity is lost as it merges into nothingness is an example of meditation. Thank you so much for sharing

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