Quotes on Happiness

I thought I would choose quotes around Happiness.  It is important to have focus, and Happiness is a good topic to quote about😆.

Happiness is an internal commodity, which cannot be replaced by anything external.

H- Harmony I honour who I am and I live in Harmony with myself and others.

A – I Accept myself as I am, know I can improve.

P – I am Patient with all my efforts to improve myself.

P – I am peaceful and I trust life

I –  I am innocent in life, but not stupid.  I live with Integrity.

N – I am noble but not arrogant.  I value me and others.

E –  I am easy natured with myself and others

S –  I am a peaceful Soul

S  – I experience silence through meditation and I gain so much happiness in my daily routine of meditation and silence. 

I am the master of my thoughts and feelings.  I know happiness lies within me, not outside in material things or another person.   Happiness lies in I the Soul, my understanding of me and my connection with the divine.

What does happiness mean to you…..?

So there are this week’s selection of quotes.  Don’t forget to comment below which quote resonates with you.


Look for happiness within you and not in others or external things.  Be you and you will find happiness in you.  Be with the Divine and he will show you who you really are, and in turn you will find bliss in being you.  Happiness is knowing who I am, the Soul the child of the Divine.  Meaning I too am divine…. ©2017 thoughtsnlifeblog. Copyright.. quote

Thank you for popping by.

Tools used Textagram to create quote, and canva.com

© 2017 thoughtsnlifeblog


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28 thoughts on “Quotes on Happiness

  1. All on Happiness and happy quotes to make our day happy and smiling the whole day thru. Bella an awesome post and such wonderful quotes. Happiness to me is from my side I would say just learn to be happy and do not think also too much into the meaning of happiness.

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